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Unit 3

3.3 Survivorship Curves

1 min readapril 29, 2020

Karla Jauregui Sandoval

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Survivorship curves are used to compare the pattern of mortality between species. The curves show the number of members of a population that reaches various age groups. There are three types of survivorship curves which detail a different pattern for each one. It's important to understand this concept in the larger picture of an environment's ecology.
Type 1 shows a curve in which most of the population dies off toward their old age. This curve shows the reproductive pattern of K-selected species because energy and time goes into parental care which is why their species dies off at old age. 
Type 2 curve shows a constant loss population that is not affected by age. Age doesn't determine survivalism or mortality. This curve shows that the survivability reality is constant regardless of age 
Type 3 curve shows a species that has an early loss population and few live to old age. This pattern can be seen in r-selected species because the huge number of offspring and no or few parental care results in the majority of offspring to die young.
Type 1 
Type 2 
Type 3 
Early Age 
Middle Age 
Old Age 
Song Birds, Bees 


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