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Fiveable is a social learning platform for AP® students and teachers.

Your next-level study buddy for all things AP®. On-demand video lectures, study guides, content decks, a global academic support community, and more. Learn when you want to, how you want to.

92% of our students score a 3 or higher on their exams.


” I can guarantee that I would not have been able to get a 5 on the exam if it wasn’t for Fiveable. All AP students should definitely take advantage of this wonderful opportunity because it allows students to not only receive the help that they need with challenging courses, but also ask questions and receive understandable answers.” – Victoria


“If I didn’t use Fiveable, I think I would have cried when I saw the exam. Fiveable is definitely what allowed me to feel so confident going into the exam. Thank you so much for saving me from a mental breakdown when I saw the test! Amanda’s encouraging pep talks kept me going and the advice on the DBQ, LEQ, SAQ, and MCQ’s probably saved both my friends’ scores and my own score. So thank you!” – Gabi M.


“I love how interactive everything is. Talking with other students, answering questions, the slides, the quizzes? What you guys are doing is FREAKING AWESOME. I wish I used Fiveable way earlier in the year, but AP World was my first AP class so I literally didn’t know what I was doing, but I’m definitely going to use Fiveable for Lang and other subjects if they’re available. I felt like I really started to learn after watching all the replays and got Fiveable+. ” – Sophia


“Dear Ms DoAmaral, I got a 5!!!!!! I could not have done this without you. Honestly, before Fiveable I thought the best I could do was a 3 but you not only have me the knowledge I needed but also the confidence. If I could I would thank you a million times because I know I couldn’t have done this without you. See you in the fall for APUSH! Thank you so much.” – Rosemary


“It was my teacher’s first year instructing AP World, and while they tried their best to help us, it wasn’t enough. I was terrified I had to do all my test prep alone, but when I found Fiveable, it was a GODSEND. It told me everything that wasn’t told in the classroom and let me know that I wasn’t as bad off as I thought I was. I got helpful advice and the moral support I needed to get through.” – Kyra


“My AP Bio teacher was not the best teacher and it was frustrating for me when I wasn’t able to understand what I was learning. With Fiveable, it helped me understand and love learning AP Bio. It has really solidified my choice on my biology major in college because it is so interesting to me now. Thank you for all you do.” – Annika


“I can’t believe it, I got a 4 on the AP exam!!!!
I’m so proud after all of the hard work and practice it took, and I want to thank you again for Fiveable and how much it has helped me. From getting a 2 on the mock in April, you can imagine how happy I am right now after seeing this score. 😊 Now I’m onto APUSH!!!” – Bethlehem


“Fiveable isn’t just the best place to get an amazing education about history, but also an amazing friend matchmaking service!! I’m so happy I joined this wonderful group of students as enthusiastic for history as I, and my bestie Erin, are.” – Shaina

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AP Computer Science Myths

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What is An Abstract Class?

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What is a Limit?

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How to Read Code in Java

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How to Write Method Headers

How to Write Method Headers

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