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Latest News & Resources

Drafting the LEQ from the Inside Out with Eric Beckman

Choosing which long-essay question to write will be one of the last major decisions that students make for AP history this year. If a student understands all of the prompts, they should choose the topic for which they can think of the most  evidence. The reason for...

Best AP® World History Prep Books From a Former AP® World Student

Preparing to take the AP World test, and looking for methods to prepare? Definitely purchase a review book early on in the course (but it’s never too late)! Remember that these books are intended to support your learning in the classroom, and should be used alongside...

AP® World History: Major Changes Happening in 2019-2020

Considering taking AP World during the 2019-20 school year, and want to know what’s up? Good choice to stop by Fiveable — in this article, we’ll be sharing more about recent College Board changes, and what it means for you moving forward. Be warned: there are some BIG...

99 Ways to be a Less Stressed AP® Student!

Stress: a hallmark of the AP® student.  Each student tackles stress differently; one is either knocked down by it, slumps and suggests a schedule change, or at worse, a name change, or, with the help of coffee, “figures it out.” AP® students are jugglers,...