Happening This Week at Camp Fiveable

🏕️ Balancing Life's Commitments with Siena Ferguson

Tuesday,  June 18 at 8pm ET

🏕️ Reading Music + Rhythm Basics with Audrey Wessinger

Thursday, June 20 at 7pm et

🏕️ Intro to Web Development with Sarthak Mohanty

Friday, June 21 at 4pm et

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Digital Summer Camp

Camp Fiveable

It’s sorta like digital summer camp. We’re covering all of those topics you were curious about but were never taught in school. From academics to mental health, college preparation, pop culture, memes, and more.

It’s only $5 a month. Pause or cancel anytime.

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Mental Health

The pressures of being a student today are immense: to succeed, to fit in, to impress others.

All of that can take a huge toll on the way we perceive the world and how we see ourselves in it. Learn strategies on how to cope with stress and manage better relationships.

Applying to Colleges

Finding a college, applying for financial aid and scholarships, essay writing, and seeking the right collegiate environment can be extremely stressful.

We break that entire process down by bringing in expert college placement specialists to help you along the way.

Career Exploration

How does anyone know what career path they should choose at such a young age, much less high school? It’s almost impossible.

Camp Fiveable will culminate in Career Week where we expose you to career professionals in a variety of roles in several different industries.

We support 7 AP subjects and are expanding to more soon!

Live AP reviews for classrooms hosted by experienced teachers and student leaders.
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Latest News & Resources

9/11, Between History and Memory

Next fall I will begin my thirtieth year teaching and learning history with high school students. I am now three times the age of my students. Thus, some historical topics also exist as memories for me. The Berlin Wall fell when I was student teaching my first two...

Sophomore Year (A Year in the Middle)

Sophomore Year: “You’re in the middle, no longer a fishie, but still an underclassman.” Learn how you can make this year your best: through AP classes, friendships, and clubs!

How My Sophomore Year Pushed Me

The Preface The 2018-2019 school year, where do I start? Actually, a better place to start is about a week before school started; about the first week of August. I started working on my summer assignment for AP World History, and it was only a beginning to the...

How I Managed Sophomore Year

Field Notes is a collection of articles curated by students and teachers from around the world detailing their academic experiences. One AP class, five advanced classes, one very nervous autistic Sophomore -- also known as how I survived my Sophomore year. Whether or...

Finding My People

When I connect with My People at the AP reading, I learn that my struggles at my school are not much different from the struggles of composition teachers anywhere else in the US or around the world. When I read over 1000 essays all answering the same prompt, I learn that 17-year-old kids are 17-year-old kids wherever they may live.

Field Notes: My Junior Year Rollercoaster

Disney World, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Adventure Island: for most teenagers in Florida, the roller coasters are what attract them to the amusement parks. Most of the time, I love roller coasters, but junior year is not a roller coaster any teenager should take...

What Should We Really Be Doing During Summer?

People think the days of summer enjoyment are over and students these days have to work hard all summer to get into a good college and ensure themselves of their future. But the truth is, students have to find a balance between work and play while keeping in mind that summer really is a period where more free time presents itself and that this time should not be wasted. Summer should definitely be a time to recharge from the year but some learning won’t do any harm.