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5.8 Impacts of Overfishing

1 min readmay 1, 2020

Mark Little

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Overfishing is a major problem today. It is estimated by some that at least ⅓ of the world’s fisheries are in trouble.  Simply put, overfishing is catching way too many fish at one time. This depletes the populations so much that the breeding population left cannot reproduce enough fish to maintain the fish population.
Also, overfishing tends to be wasteful.  Unwanted fish are often just thrown away and not returned to the water, and this decreases these unwanted fish populations too.


Poor management and disagreements about who manages the fishing in the open ocean have led to overfishing.  Developing better management and fishing regulations or rights will help the long term health of the fishing waters. The overfishing goes back to the Tragedy of the Commons concept about learning not to overuse our natural resources.
Proper management of our aquatic fishery resources is critical for many people.  Maintaining proper biodiversity among fish populations is important for people who depend on fishing as a means of income or to catch their own food for survival.  

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