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4.0 Unit 4 Overview: American Political Ideologies and Beliefs


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isabela padilha vilela

June 7, 2020

Political Ideology consists of the idea that there are different and consistent patterns of beliefs about political values and the role of government within the context that we live in. People's personal political values are shaped by their environment - often their family and friends. In this unit, we'll discuss different ideologies and how major parties influence them.

Key Ideas

  • There are two main political ideologies in the United States today: liberalism and conservatism.

  • These ideologies mainly help build the bipartisan - or two-party system - in the country.

  • They align with the existent and dominant parties today. 

    • Generally, the Democratic Party is more liberal, and the Republican Party is more conservative.

🎥 Watch: AP GOPO - Political Parties and Their Platforms

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Important Vocab

  • liberal

  • conservative

  • moderate

  • Social Security

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • welfare

  • political socialization

  • Keynesian economics

  • supply-side economics

  • political platform

  • polling

🎥 Watch: AP GOPO - Economic Ideology

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