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2.6 Expansion of Presidential Power

1 min readjune 11, 2020


Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan

We have discussed several powers of the presidency already, but the powers that the President currently has is far beyond those described in the Constitution. This expansion of powers - both formal and informal - has been justified by presidents. 🦾

Key Documents and Developments

A key foundational document that you should be familiar with is Federalist No. 70. This may be one of the documents that you will be required to pull evidence from for the argumentative essay FRQ. This document, written by Alexander Hamilton, advocated for a strong and single executive. 💪🏼 This has often been used as justification for the increased powers allocated to the executive branch. 
The 22nd Amendment was passed in response to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four terms in office. It stated that a President may only serve 2 full terms in office - showing a change in the role of the President.

Key Events

Several events can demonstrate the expansion of presidential power. Here are some you should consider:
  • Civil War - President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus 🎩.
  • The New Deal 🃏 - President Roosevelt’s programs completely changed the American economy at the time, including implementation of welfare programs.
🎥 Watch: AP GOPO - Presidential Roles


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