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⚖️  Unit 2: Interactions Among Branches of Government

🗳  Unit 5: Political Participation

4.8 Ideology and Policy Making



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June 7, 2020

Citizens and Policy Making 

American citizens cannot directly choose the policies of the government. But, through the process of voting, citizens choose politicians that mostly align with their ideology and who will supposedly represent their position through policies. 

Nevertheless, citizens can also find ways to participate in this process, such as: 

  • Joining Interest groups - Interest Groups are important organizations that maintain a democracy by encouraging political participation and allowing citizens to express their opinions. 

  • Communicating with politicians - Politicians are supposed to be the representatives of their people, and citizens can contact them in order to communicate their concerns. 

  • Confronting legislators - By interacting with legislators, groups and individuals can better express their opinions and exercise their right of political participation. 

  • Becoming politicians - Running for office is a possibility for all citizens who meet the important requirements to become candidates.

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