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Unit 7

Origins of Life

48 min videooctober 3, 2018


Caroline Koffke

AP Biology 🧬

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In this session, we cover the origins of life. We look at the early earth, and discuss how Earth managed to have life, dispite being an inhospitable place for life to develop (little water or atmosphere). We review material from the previous session (atoms, ions, bonds), and macromolecules (because we need to know how to divine a living thing). We review the 4 main steps to life (abiotic synthesis and theories, Miller & Urey experiment, joining of small organic molecules into macromolecules, assemble of macromolecules in protocells, protocells, and the creation of self-replicating means of inheritance (RNA World Hypothesis). We use a Football Field analogy for the origin of life on earth, and a clock diagram to explain what appears when. We cover the creation of oxygen, formation of single-celled Eukaryotes in addition to the Cambrian Explosion (marine life diversity), colonization of land, and, finally, end with an in depth coverage of the football field analogy for origin of life on earth.

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