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7.3 Artificial Selection

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Where natural selection is a mechanism for evolution, the opposite is also true; artificial selection helps advance evolution as well. Artificial selection is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of selective breeding in order to manipulate the phenotypic frequencies of a population or species.

Phenotypic Variety

This is used by humans in both animal and plant breeding in order to keep desirable traits and get rid of potentially harmful characteristics. Humans use this for breeding dogs (some species were created artificially), and also for food sources such as corn and wheat. Effectively, artificial selection is how humans can manipulate the phenotypic variety of a population.

Convergent Evolution

Environmental pressure can also play a part in this. While convergent evolution is not “artificial”, it is caused by a manipulation coming from the environmental pressures.
An example of convergent evolution would include wings. Many different animals have wings, like birds, insects and bats. However, these do not all share a common ancestor, meaning each of their wing-like structures evolved independently, but into similar structures and functions.

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