Eric is the Lead AP World History teacher here at Fiveable. He has taught history with high school students since 1990, first in California and now in Minnesota. Although Eric has taught many US and AP European History classes during his career, his teaching schedule has been all World History, both on level and Advanced Placement, for the past few years. In these classes he is always looking to decolonize the curriculum and to encourage students to think historically. Eric also blogs at .

This week’s sessions focus on the skills that bring success in AP World. Attendees and hosts will discuss skills at all levels from learning in class to writing free-response questions. Most sessions include original practice questions.

  • Sunday, 6 PM: Superstar students Safiya and Skylar continue Fiveable’s Student to Student Study Skills Series with their techniques for effectively using textbooks. Student attendees will learn strategies to increase their efficiency. Textbook Reading (Student-Led Study Sessions)
  • Sunday, 10 PM: Power student Jed returns to analyze the continuities and changes in religions in the early modern world, including Sikhism and the Golden Temple (pictured above). This review includes practice questions to develop skills and content knowledge. Changing Religions (Unit 3)
  • Doing the DBQ Series breaks down the points needed for success:
    • Tuesday, 8 PM: Skilled instructor Caroline Castellanos explains how to use evidence on the document-based question. Developing this skill will also help on the other free-response questions. Doing the DBQ: Evidence (Exam Skills)
    • Wednesday, 11 PM: Talented teacher Evan Liddle explains contextualization in the DBQ. Students use this skill on all of the other question types, too. Doing the DBQ: Contextualization (Exam Skills)
    • Thursday, 11 PM: Wonderful educator Melissa Longnecker returns to wrap up the series with an explanation of reasoning in the DBQ. Mrs. Longnecker will help students improve their ability to analyze the sourcing of documents, which is the key AP History skill. Doing the DBQ: Reasoning (Exam Skills)
  • Wednesday, 9 PM: Lead AP World teacher and AP Reader Eric Beckman discusses how to successfully answer short-answer questions. To write an answer for a practice question Join the Fiveable AP World course on Schoology, using the code CM2R-CFDD-2TGC8 .  Wednesday’s session will also include another original SAQ. Answering Short-Answer Questions (Exam Skills)
  • Sunday, 11/10, 6 PM: Legendary AP World student Varoon reviews Maritime Empires in the Early Modern World, c. 1450 CE – c. 1750 CE. In some APWH classes this is part of Unit 4. In a unit with any name, Spanish, Portuguese, and other European expansions overseas were very significant. This review includes practice questions to develop skills and content knowledge. Maritime Empires (Unit 4)
  • Sunday, 10/27 10 PM: Star student Jamaal returns to take the mystery out of taking notes in class, part of our Student to Student Study Skills Series. Taking Notes from Lecture (Student-led Study Sessions)

Fiveable student streamers host study sessions on Sundays. Students and teachers review key skills and concepts on TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday evenings.

Join Fiveable live reviews this week to learn content and practice with original questions. Land-based Empires (Unit 3) and Transoceanic Connections (Unit 4). Click here to save your spot for any of the events below. Live reviews are free. Attendees interact with streamers and each other.. All times Eastern. Fiveable Plus members can watch replays of these reviews afterwards.