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*APs, SATs, ACT, and College Admissions included



(Pep, our chief cram officer)

“It honestly helped me out so much. I would’ve dropped a whole number score or two if I didn’t have the help from Fiveable.”
– High School Freshman, AP Human Geography Crams 2023

“Buy it, it's an investment for your score and your future.”
– High School Junior, AP Chemistry Crams 2023

“I am confident that I can get at least a 4 thanks to Fiveable”
– High School Junior, AP Biology Crams 2023

The results speak for themselves

  • Cram students are 2x likely to earn top scores
  • Developed by real teachers w/ 10+ years of experience (they know their stuff)
  • Cheaper than a week's worth of lattes!

“Fiveable helped me become SO much more confident, and I’m proud of myself!”
– High School Sophomore, AP Chemistry Crams 2023

The ~specs~

Access to ALL the practice questions (19k+)

  • Review the most important terms and vocabulary
  • Play trivia while reviewing
  • Helpful explanations when you get questions wrong
Unlock practice questions 🔓

Live reviews w/ expert hosts

  • Curated content review with slides
  • Last-minute Q&A
  • Chats with other students going through it too
Get access to study events 🔓

Unlimited access to 23 of your most important APs, SATs, ACTs exams

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You don’t have to study alone

Join the cram sessions

5 nights before every SAT test date
  • Night 1: SAT Reading
  • Night 2: SAT Writing and Language
  • Night 3: SAT Math- Problem Solving, Data Analysis and Heart of Algebra
  • Night 4: SAT Math- Advanced Math and Additional Topics in Math
  • Night 5: Grand Finale
5 nights before every ACT test date
  • Night 1: ACT English
  • Night 2: ACT Math
  • Night 3: ACT Writing and Language
  • Night 4: ACT Science
  • Night 5: Grand Finale
5 nights before AP exams for 21 subjects*
  • Night 1: Units 1, 2, and 3 plus LEQ practice
  • Night 2: Units 4 and 5 plus MCQ practice
  • Night 3: Units 6 and 7 plus MCQ practice
  • Night 4: Units 8 and 9 plus DBQ practice
  • Night 5: Grand Finale - Review all content and exam practice
*example of an APUSH schedule. this will vary by subject
College Admissions
  • Night 1: Everything You Need to Know About College Admissions
  • Night 2: How to Pick What Colleges to Apply To
  • Night 3: What is the Common App and How to Use It
  • Night 4: Writing and Great College Essay
  • Night 5: Grand Finale

Meet the hosts

“I found conversations between the hosts and the audience quite hilarious which helped me de-stress.”  – High School Junior, AP Chemistry Crams 2023

Student Cram Hosts

Your favorite hosts are back for more cram fun! These students got the scores that you want and are exceptional at explaining how to do it.

Steven Kucklick,
Lead Cram Host

Steven is there in every cram stream to guide the hosts and support the community. He’s the realest. iykyk

Student Cram Hosts

Your favorite hosts are back for more cram fun! These students got the scores that you want and are exceptional at explaining how to do it.

“Cram finales are a really comfortable atmosphere and you don't feel alone.”

“Practice questions help when applying the concepts.” – High School Senior, AP Biology Crams 2023
im literally so thankful for Fiveable right now :)
i can feel all of our brains growing in real time 🧠 💪
I just got a huge confidence boost because I got every part of the FRQ correct! Before this review I would have got none of it right!
This has been my fav cram season! Literally getting rid of my anxiety
THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I feel way more confident in this exam already just by attending this finale! Totally worth it!!!"
Fiveable turned into my little safe space. I love it here

What Cram students love about Cram Mode

  1. Chats that pop off
  2. Group review games
  3. “THE QUIZ MUSIC” 💃🏽
  4. Jokes. Pep Talks.
  5. Everything you need to feel confident for exam day
Activate Cram Mode

Real-time, specific answers to your questions

Pep is like having the smartest person in your class always available to message. Ask Pep anything, get answers, and find the right resource.

“In fighting the war of exams,
Fiveable’s Crams are the only way to survive.”

– High School Sophomore, AP Chemistry Crams 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fiveable?

Fiveable helps students feel confident for big exams. We create accessible resources to help you remember everything through live reviews, study guides, cheatsheets, and practice questions. Founded by a former AP teacher, built by product and design nerds, Fiveable aims to make learning more accessible and equitable for all. Read our About Us page for more information!

What is Cram Mode?

Cram Mode is your one stop study shop! You have access to study guides, unlimited practice questions, and special Cram events to help you master the material.

What does Cram Mode unlock that I can’t access on Fiveable for free?

One set of practice questions & 3 study guides are available for free, per day. In Cram Mode, you get unlimited access to all of our practice questions, as well as invites to all of our Cram events throughout the school year. If you want to study better, we suggest the Cram Mode subscription!

What is a season pass vs. a subject day pass?

A Cram Mode season pass gives you unlimited access to all practice questions and Cram events for any AP subject, as well as SAT, ACT, and college admissions.A subject day pass gives you full access to all practice questions and Cram events in one subject for one day. It’s a nice sneak peek into the benefits of a season pass! We will be offering day passes soon- check out website soon for more info.

How long does my Cram Mode subscription last?

Your Cram Mode subscription is active until you no longer need it! There are two options for how to sign up: a yearly subscription (renewed each year on the same date of purchase) or a monthly subscription (renewed each month on the same date of purchase).

How will I know if my Cram Mode is activated?

When you sign up for Cram Mode, you will receive a confirmation email from Fiveable. You can also see whether or not your Cram Mode is active in your Dashboard.

I’m a parent purchasing the subscription on behalf of my child. How do I transfer the subscription to my child?

We recommend that you use your student’s email address that they use for to sign up for Cram Mode so that the subscription is already linked to their account. If you use your email address to purchase, simply reply to the confirmation email with your student’s email address, and we can transfer to the account to your student.

Do I need multiple subscriptions if I’m taking multiple AP classes?

No! One season pass covers you for every subject throughout the entire school year.

How do I sign up for Cram events?

Once you have your Cram Mode subscription, click the “events” tab on the header of our site. There, you can easily sign up for the upcoming events. You can also sign up for events through your Dashboard.

Are the practice questions AP-style?

Our practice questions were designed to help you learn the vocabulary needed. To do this, we have curated lists of the most important terms and we use trivia-style questions so you can answer a lot in a short amount of time. While these are not AP-style, they will make you better at the more complex questions you’ll see on the exam.

Is financial aid available?

We understand that not everyone can afford to purchase Cram Mode. If you need financial assistance in order to participate, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If needed, you can cancel your subscription in your Fiveable Dashboard under “Manage Subscriptions.” Your subscription must be canceled before your renewal date. You will not receive any refund if you cancel your subscription early.

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Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers
Trusted by 12m high school students & teachers

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