Who we are

We're not your typical education company. Fiveable was founded by a former AP teacher who believes that students deserve to thrive, no matter where they come from or the resources available to them. Since then, we’ve grown into a group of passionate, quirky and smart people scattered around the country who want to make education more accessible and equitable to all. Our goal is to make sure students are confident in themselves and their capabilities, in and out of the classroom.

Why we're different

At Fiveable, we believe that a student is more than their grades and test scores. We do not measure success by how many 5s our students score on AP exams. We believe that instilling confidence in a student to continue taking academic risks is the true measure of success. Exams can be defining moments in a student’s educational journey and our goal is to make sure students are confident in their capabilities before, during, and after an exam.

Students first, always

We build with and for students. We center the student experience in everything we do, from hiring student content creators to developing approachable study resources that students will actually use.


Our values guide us in everything we do from how we communicate to how we build.

💪 Be relentless

This work is important. We have to work hard to overcome any challenges we face. We'll never give up in this pursuit of change for students.

We've raised $16.2M from top investors. Less than 1% of companies led by a woman of color have done this. (Pre-seed, Seed, Series A)
Hired the first few team members by living together before and during COVID in the Fiveable House. (link)
Relaunched Cram Finales in 2023 after student feedback when we paused them in 2022. (link)

 🧠 Stay curious

We are always asking questions, learning as much as possible, and experimenting with new solutions. We never know what might work until we try.

There are dozens of students in our team Slack that consistently answer mini-polls as we design new experiences.
Our team spends time every week with advisors, mentors, and sharing useful resources with each other.
Acquired a student-created app and experimented with Study Rooms (link)

✏️ Keep it simple

The problems are complex, but the solutions should be simple. Fiveable should make students' lives easier and simplicity in design will get us there.

Anytime we have a decision make, we always ask one simple question – what is better for students?
Study guides are designed to clear out any distractions and help you focus on the content.
Practice questions are simply trivia-style to help students review a lot without taking up too much time.

🫶 Take care

We practice self-care, support each other, and prioritize the safety and well-being of students on our platform.

We partner with mental health resources for students like Joon Care, Crisis TextLine, and Blue Fever.
Fiveable is closed every 4th Friday of the month so our team can step away fully step away from the computer.
Every teammate has a monthly wellness stipend to access things like gyms, food delivery, house cleaning, yoga classes, or whatever makes life easier.

📣 Speak boldly

We freely and happily offer our wisdom to our peers and to those in power. We care about the issues students face, and speak truth to power in solidarity with them.

Fiveable's founder made a splash in 2018 speaking truth to power when AP World History was had 10k years cut. (link)
We spoke out against Florida's ban of AP African American Studies, pledging to have study guides written exclusively by black-identifying students. (link)
In the summer of 2020, we raised thousands of dollars to support the Advancement Project's campaign for #PoliceFreeSchools

Meet Team Fiveable

Our remote team is made up of former teachers, techie folx and educational advocates.


Garrett Levy

Senior Full Stack Engineer
🌭 🧗‍♂️ 🏗️

Aaron Levin

Head of Engineering
🤔 👨🏽‍💻 🎶

Becky Bahr

Head of People and Culture
💁🏻‍♀️ 🍰 🤘

Genevieve Crow

Full Stack Engineer II
💫 🙈 🦑

Amanda DoAmaral

Founder & CEO
✊🏼 🚀 🤓

Stephen Chung

Operations Manager
🐶 🌮 🥴

Alex Sierra

Full Stack Engineer II
🎮 ❄️ 🎺

Nathan Hurst

Head of Product, Engineering, and Design
🌯 🥤 🚀

Lee Sweatt

Head of Finance
🏦 🚀 ✅

Judy Li

Product Designer, Team Lead
🥺 🥑 🌸

Sarah Eslyn

Director, Brand and Social Media
🥐 🪴 🧶

Tán Ho

Product Discovery Catalyst
✨ 💅🏽 👨🏾‍🍳

Jessica Tovar

Content Project Manager
☘️ ✨ 📚

What's it like to work with us

Check out our Careers page to learn more about our team, how we work, and how you can join in the fight to make education accessible to all.