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AP Physics 1

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AP Cram Sessions 2021

Download AP Physics 1 Cheat Sheet PDF Cram Chart

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AP Physics 1 🎑

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Get Ready for the AP Physics 1 Exam

We know that studying for AP exams can be overwhelming and stressful. That's why our amazing teachers and students who have already taken and passed the AP exam have put together review charts to help you prepare! Make sure you also check out our live events and teacher-led cram sessions!
Remember to check with your teacher or AP coordinator which administration of the exam you'll be taking. The first two administrations will be held on paper at your school on May 5th and May 24th. The third will be a digital exam, at school or at home, on June 9th. For more details about the exam format, review our 2021 AP Physics 1 Exam Guide.


Section I: Multiple Choice

  • 50 Questions
  • 50% of exam grade
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes

Section II: Free Response (and possibly multiple choice)

  • 50% of exam score
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • If on paper: 5 free response questions
  • If digital: 25 MCQs and 2 FRQs


AP Physics 1 Cheat Sheet PDF & Review Chart

This cram sheet has all the important vocab and concepts you need to know for the exam. Access the shop page here for this physics chart and similar products. Happy studying!
AP Physics 1 PDF- Review Chart


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πŸŒ€Unit 2: Dynamics
πŸš€Unit 3: Circular Motion
⚑️Unit 4: Energy
⛳️Unit 5: Momentum
🎸Unit 6: Simple Harmonic Motion
🎑Unit 7: Torque & Rotational Motion
πŸ’‘Unit 8: Electric Charges & Electric Force
πŸ”‹Unit 9: DC Circuits
πŸ”ŠUnit 10: Mechanical Waves & Sound
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Thousands of students are studying with us for the AP Physics 1 exam.
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