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9.15 Continuity and Change in the 20th and 21st Centuries





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Sharii Liang

sharii liang

June 11, 2020

The Effects of War

As countries struggled to deal with the catastrophic effects of war, their citizens continued to depend on social welfare. However, when they could not recover alone, nations put aside their nationalistic tendencies to help one another. Their attempts to help one another catalyzed a transition towards a unified European identity, something that was idolized since Medieval times.

Government Attempts at Stability

As governments attempted to return to normalcy, two options were presented to them. The newly thought of communism had led to a divide in Europe with Eastern Europe following the Soviet Union’s footsteps. As Western Europe thrived under capitalism and democracy, the Soviet Union was riddled with unrest and a weakening economy. 

These differing ideologies on governing people led to a indirect war between two global superpowers. The war risked total annihilation of the world and distracted from ethnic atrocities in other parts of the world. The war also occupied imperial powers and led to the eventual decolonization of the world.

An Ever-Changing Society

As technology and science improved, life improved as well. The availability of technology allowed society to connect to one another across the seas and import cultures into different places. As globalization increased, the demographic of the world also changed due to an influx of immigrants. 

However, conservative ideologies towards immigrants and disgust towards consumerist tendencies resulted in conflict. Multiple movements fought for equality or greater rights. They were met with varying amounts of opposition and support. Ultimately, nationalism will be an important factor in fueling ethnic or national conflicts.

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