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9.8 20th-Century Feminism

1 min readjune 11, 2020


Sharii Liang

In the mid- to late 1960s, second-wave feminism came rolling in throughout Europe from US. Women believed that they deserved more rights than enfranchisement (the right to vote). They believed in equal pay, greater educational opportunities, and access to professional careers. They also focused on them being able to dictate control over their own bodies as well.
The efforts of feminists (Western Europe) and government policy (Eastern Europe) paid off. Women had more control over life aspects like marriage, partnership, motherhood (in vitro fertilization - IVF), divorce, and reproduction (birth control pill). 
To top it all off, women are in offices of high political power. From Margaret Thatcher in England to Edith Cresson of France, women all over the world found themselves more represented in many nations' legislative bodies.
Even today, we can see the effects of more women in power!

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