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Unit 7

7.1 Context of 19th Century Politics

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Bretnea Turner

AP European History 🇪🇺

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After the Congress of Vienna in 1815, conservative governments of Europe attempted to rid society of liberal, republican ideas to avoid revolutions. Due to the effects of the French Revolution on Europe, through Napoleon’s Continental System, it was believed that liberalism would lead to further threats to the sovereignty of each European nation.
Nationalism also became a threat to European empires after Napoleon’s rule in France. Nation-states began to emerge based on common histories, languages, and religions. These states threatened to upset the balance of power that was so delicately organized by the Congress of Vienna
Because power to gain was limited in Europe due to the Congress of Vienna, and the US Monroe Doctrine prohibited colonial involvement in the Western Hemisphere, European nations sought to expand their influence in the Eastern Hemisphere and industrialize rapidly. 🌍 Africa will be partitioned to give strong European nations access to valuable resources and trade locations. Rapid industrialization will cause an arms race in Europe leading to the deadliest war to date, World War I. 💣


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