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1.7 Comparisons in the Period from 1200-1450

2 min readnovember 30, 2021

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A direct comparison is a clear statement identifying similarities and differences. These statements are great for topic sentences and are powerful assertions to drive a student’s writing.

Direct Comparisons

College Board will challenge students to find comparisons during the same period from dramatically different parts of the world. Here are a few:
  • While Song China had a large bureaucracy to rule, Japan was very feudal and regional.
  • While the Abbasid Caliphate used religion to help solidify its power, Western European kingdoms were separate from the power of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • While the Swahili Coast was very interconnected to trade routes, Western Europe was very slow to develop because it was outside these trade routes.
  • While the Silk Road connected large empires of Song China and the Abbasid Caliphate, Western Europe had no land-based trade routes to help it develop.
  • In Europe, the three-field crop rotation, and Champa rice in China promoted larger populations
  • Both the Mali Kingdom and the Abbasid Caliphate used Islam to unite peoples who were not united before.
  • Both Song Dynasty and northern India kingdoms saw an increase in religious diversity. 
  • Both Song Dynasty and northern India kingdoms saw an increase in religious diversity causing political and religious conflict.
  • Both Christianity and Buddhism saw various divisions in their faiths causing political and religious conflict. 

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