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4.1 Introducing Statistics: Random and Non-Random Patterns?

1 min readjune 3, 2020

Kanya Shah

🌐 Everyday Experiences

Everyday, we see things that happen simultaneously to the point we question the possibility of that event happening again. We simulate that event over and over in our heads, looking at all the possible outcomes. We conclude sometimes that somethings happen at random as the overall probability of that event is extremely low.
We can turn to statistics and quantify the actuality of some real life experiences that we unconsciously or consciously question.

Courtesy of Giphy

📊 Statistical Significance

Learning how to differentiate between random and non-random patterns is important. Even if there is a pattern, that doesn’t always make the data unbiased or reliable enough to build a conclusion. Patterns don’t always mean that the data variation isn’t random. That doesn't exclude error at all.

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