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👨‍🌾 Unit 5

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5.12 Women in Agriculture

pooja kalyan

⏱️ May 12, 2020


Over time, women have played a larger role in the production of and increased consumption of food, but the scope of their roles vary based on where they are located geographically and the type of production being used. Women are taking a leading role in food production today, but there are factors that still limit their presence: 

Factors that Determine Women’s Role in Agriculture 

  • Crop being produced 

  • Production cycle 

  • Age of female 

  • Ethnic group 

  • *Generally activities such as weeding and harvesting are primarily for females 

Obstacles that Limit Gender Equality in Agriculture (particularly in LDCs)

  • Economic - women have to take care of their children and the household and try to partake in farming at the same time 

  • Cultural - in many parts of the world, gender roles and social norms prevent women from acquiring or owning their own land 

  • Political - laws and government policies are set in place to prevent women from owning land 

Empowering Women in Agriculture 

Especially in developing countries, empowering women to play a greater role in agriculture will result in drastic, positive, demographic changes. There will be lower birth rates, lower total fertility rates, and a decrease in population (which will help the economy in these regions). Notably, there will also be increased life expectancies if women are empowered.

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👨‍🌾  Unit 5: Agriculture & Rural Land-Use

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