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Unit 5

5.5 The Green Revolution

1 min readmay 4, 2020

Pooja Kalyan

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The Green Revolution, the last and most current of the three major agricultural revolutions, ties directly back to 5.3 and our analysis of agriculture’s change over time. The Green Revolution has had a very large impact on our food production and our environment, so be sure to pay attention to these facts.

In a nutshell… 

  • What it’s known for 
    • High-yield seeds 
    • More chemicals 
    • Highly mechanized farming 
  • Effects - they have both positive and negative effects for 
    • Our population 
    • The environment 

Digging Deeper

  • Major developments 
    • Biotechnology (Genetic manipulation) 
      • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) 
    • Plant breeding 
    • “Miracle Seeds” 
    • Irrigation technology 
    • Chemical farming- synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc 
    • Mechanization -> replaced human labor with machines 
    • Food manufacturing -> processing, canning, refining, packaging 
  • Drawbacks 
    • Isn’t suited for all parts of the world (better for more developed regions) 
    • Increases social inequality 
    • High costs 
  • Key example: India 
    • Positive effect  
      • Grain production in the 1970s doubled compared to 1950s 
      • Self sufficient by 1980s 
    • Negative effect  
      • Poor farmers had trouble affording fertilizers and pesticides
      • Displaced by the wealthy
        🎥 Watch: AP HUG - History and Revolutions


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