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4.7 Ideologies of Political Parties


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June 8, 2020

Political Parties of Today 

Political parties are organizations that seek to have governmental power, and a two-party system in the U.S contributes for the Democratic and Republican party to remain the most important of these organizations today. 

The Ideology spectrum provides a large range of ideological beliefs, and most parties align with a different “part” of this spectrum: 



  • Democratic 🔵

Aligns with liberalism, or the “left-wing” as it emphasizes the need for social equality and justice. In addition, it promotes the interference of government through economic policies to mitigate the downside of capitalism. 

  • Republican 🔴

Aligns with conservatism, or the “right-wing” as it often focuses on preserving order and advocates for less government interference in their citizens’ lives. In addition, Republicans mostly favor corporations and preach family values. 

Even though the Republicans and Democrats have preserved their power and influence over the elections for several years, there are other emerging parties that continue on the fight to gain power, such as: 

  • Libertarian Party  - As the third largest party in the U.S, the libertarians believe in a strongly limited government, and advocate for cutting all regulatory agencies in order to provide people more freedom. 

  • Green Party - Minor party that highly focuses on environmentalist issues. The Green Party also advocates for social justice and grassroots democracy.

Watch AP Gov teacher Nicole Johnston review this key topic here.

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