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Stephanie Kirk

stephanie kirk

November 8, 2020

Unit 1: Foundations of Rhetoric

Week 1: Overview

Week 2: Rhetorical ASPECTS

Week 3: Visual Rhetoric

Week 4: Close Reading and Analysis

  • Noticing and Wonderings

  • Interacting with Annotations

Week 5: The Rhetorical Analysis Multiple Choice

  • Pretest

  • Question Stems

  • Application to Sample Texts

Unit 2: Analyzing and Writing about Rhetoric

Week 6: Authorโ€™s Purpose and Audience Movement

  • Special Topics

Week 7: Claims and Evidence

Week 8: Point Winning Thesis Statements

  • 4B Writing: Write a thesis statement that requires proof or defense and may preview the structure of the argument.

Week 9: The Rhetorical Precis Framework

  • TOBI Outlining

Week 10: The Writing Multiple Choice

  • Pretest

  • Question Stems

  • Application to Paragraph Corrections

Unit 3: Foundations of Argument

Week 11: Basic Elements of Argument

  • Toulmin (as Analysis of Argument)

  • Toulmin (as Paragraph Outline)

  • Toulmin (as Culminating Argument)

Unit 7: Reasoning and Complex Argumentation

Week 12: Argument Structure

Week 13: Tracking the Line of Reasoning

Week 14: Addressing the Counterargument

  • Counter

  • Concession

  • Refutation

Week 15: Practice with Quick Debates

Unit 4: Reasoning and Organization

Week 16: Modes of Development

  • 6C Writing: Use appropriate methods of development to advance the argument.

Week 17: Framing Commentary and Analysis

Week 18: Selecting and Embedding Evidence

Week 19: Confluence with the Rhetorical Analysis (FRQ 2)

Week 20: Confluence with the Argument (FRQ 3)

  • Pulling Evidence from Nothing

Unit 5-6: Style and Sophistication

Week 21: Taking Rhetorical Risks

Week 22: Focus on Diction and Syntax

Unit 8: Synthesizing Ideas

Week 23: Entering the Conversation

  • Defensible Positioning with Multiple Sources

  • REHUGO Evidence

Unit 9: FRQ Blitz

Week 24-25

Synthesis Showdown: All Things FRQ1

  • Assessment? Try this.

  • Extensions for Study? Try this.

Week 26-27

Rhetorical Recipe: All Things FRQ2

  • Assessment? Try this.

  • Extensions for Study? Try this.

Week 28-29

Argumentative Assault: All Things FRQ3

  • Assessment? Try this.

  • Extensions for Study? Try this.

Week 30: Sample Test and Personalized Remediation

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