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8.0 Unit 8 Overview: Ecology





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Caroline Koffke

caroline koffke

May 31, 2020

Ecology is all about the interactions that organisms have amongst themselves and with their environment. This can be seen on a small scale, within populations, and on larger scales, in ecosystems and across the globe. The relationships that exist between organisms are complex and ever changing. We are constantly responding to our environment and those around us. Some of the largest problems plaguing our planet right now are the largest culprits to the changing landscape of ecosystems across the globe. All of these issues come together in the awesome unit of Ecology.

Key Terms

  • Metabolism

  • Exponential growth

  • Logistic growth

  • Carrying capacity

  • Density-dependent factors

  • Density-independent factors

  • Population

  • Community

  • Ecosystem

  • Abiotic

  • Biotic

  • Mutualism

  • Commensalism

  • Parasitism

  • Predation

  • Competition

  • Food web

  • Trophic level

  • Niche

  • Cooperation

  • Keystone species

  • Producer

  • Consumer

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