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๐ŸŽนย Unit 4

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4.5 Voice Leading with Seventh Chords in Inversions

Mickey Hansen

mickey hansen

โฑ๏ธ November 2, 2020


4.5: Voice Leading with Seventh Chords in Inversions

When we write inversions of sevenths chords in a harmonic progression, it in important to keep entry and exit of the chord through a stepwise motion. Minimal or no leaps in or out of a seventh chord is essential. Seventh chords in inversions often allow the bass to have a melodic stepwise quality. Just like those walking bass players in jazz!

Leading-tone seventh chords, the โ…ถo7 diminished and โ…ถรธ7, have two possible functions:

  • To substitute for the โ…ค or โ…ค7 chord as part of the dominant, or

  • Placed between tonic chords, to prolong the tonic in a stepwise voice leading

Lastly, inverted chords should contain all the tones of the chord. While it is okay to omit chord tones in a seventh chord in root position, any inversion chords cannot do so. Keep them all!

๐Ÿฆœ Polly wants a progress tracker: If you have a V7 chord in the key of A Major, what is the 7th chord tone and to what note will it resolve?

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