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๐ŸŽนย Unit 4

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4.2 SATB Voice Leading

Mickey Hansen

mickey hansen

Caroline Koffke

caroline koffke


โฑ๏ธ September 18, 2020


4.2: SATB Voice Leading

Raise your hand if you are a soprano!

Raise your hand if you are a tenor!

Don't know yet? Not a problem. However, it will be helpful to get to know your voice range if you haven't already. On the AP Music Theory test, you will need to sing for some of the FRQs and also be able to transpose a written piece of music into your range. If you haven't done much singing before, it's time to start clearing out those cobwebs in your vocal chords!

Musical lines, whether in instrumental or vocal pieces, may be described using the vocal parts: soprano, alto, tenor, bass.

When we examine a composition in four-part harmonies, we will be using the SATB texture to complete a Roman-numeral Analysis <hyperlink to unit 3.3>.

When we realize (aka analyze) the figured bass of a composition, all chords must be spelled correctly, with all necessary accidentals, and have a correct Roman-numeral analysis.

When filling in the chord tones of a Roman-numeral analysis, such as in the AP Music Theory test FRQs, there are certain chord tones that are good to double, and those that are not good to double. Remember these rules!

๐Ÿฆœ Polly wants a progress tracker: Which voice part is typically a higher male voice? Which voice part is typically a lower female voice?

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