Argumentation, Part V - Conclusions

32 min videojanuary 9, 2019

In this session, we review what has been covered in previous live sessions. We begin with a 5 step overview of the argument essay expectations and the 3 steps to an effective introductory paragraph. We also look at an outline for effective body paragraphs and a guide for how to divide and use your time during the exam. We then move to conclusion paragraphs, explaining the function of conclusion paragraphs and explaining the 2 components of an effective conclusion. We explain the 3 weak conclusions used by students, as well as discussion the controversy of whether to include a conclusion or not. We look at a 2018 released prompt and follow it with a model introduction (written usings the 3 steps) and a conclusion (using a 5 step process. We conclude the video with showing how all these pieces fit together and remind students to emphasize their thesis statements.

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