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Unit 9

9.7 Causation in Period 9

1 min readmarch 15, 2020


Caleb Lagerwey

These topics are explained in detail in earlier sections, so use this section as a reminder and review.

Political Polarization

The US became more politically polarized, especially after the 1990s. The Reagan Revolution moved much of the country to the conservative right, but many in the 21st century began to push back against conservatives and/or continued to fight for the liberal legacy of programs like the New Deal and Great Society

Economic Changes

Globalization affected the United States greatly during this time period as the US economy moved to a post-industrial basis, focusing more on service-sector and high-tech jobs. This created problems for previous industrial centers (see the Rust Belt) and worsened the country’s economic inequality as the rich got richer and poor and middle class wages stagnated. 

Demographic Changes

The US in the 21st century was much more diverse than the US of 1950 or even of 1980. Continued immigration from Latin America and Asia created tension within the US as the US—again—wondered about how to assimilate immigrant groups and to maintain a US identity. Women were more involved in the workforce than ever before, movement to the Sunbelt continued as Midwestern states lost population relative to the rest of the country.

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