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Unit 3

Race & Ethnicity, Part II

61 min videodecember 7, 2018

AP Human Geography 🚜

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Throughout history, groups of people have been oppressed because of ethnicity, race, and gender. In this session, we’ll look at three historical examples of ethnic cleansing to understand a bit more of how genocide happens. In the 1990s, Bosniaks (Muslim Bosnians) were specifically targeted by Serbians in the aftermath of independence movements as Yugoslavia broke apart into several nations. We’ll then look at one of the most recent ethnic conflicts and genocides, which took place in Sudan during the 2000s. Finally, we’ll discuss the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, in which Hutus murdered over a million Tutsis. Beyond race and ethnicity at the center of historic genocides, we’ll also take a deep dive into gender as a social construct. Gendered spaces and gender discrimination have resulted in conflict and harm across time.

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