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3.13 Affirmative Action

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The same idea of 3.12 is apparent in the fight for affirmative action. There has been a constant change in whether the government was using its power in order to protect or restrict the rights of minority groups. 

What is it?

Affirmative action programs seek to aid minorities, women, others that suffer from discrimination the opportunities for employment or other services.
This was put in place because of the discrimination that leeched into employment, higher education 🤓, and even housing 🏘. 

Debates Over Affirmative Action

There has been much debate both politically and morally over affirmative action.
One example is the Supreme Court case of Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978).  In this case, the court ruled that affirmative action could not use quotas in order to increase 🔺 minority enrollment.
Opponents of affirmative action programs believe that it unjustly takes away the opportunities from white people and believe that it is reverse discrimination. 
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