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Unit 2

2.3 Technology and Personal/Public Identity

written by

Margaret Schmidt

margaret schmidt

Cait Levin

cait levin


published on september 11, 2020

Last updated on September 12, 2020

2.3: Technology and Personal/Public Identity

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How does technology influence the development of personal and public identity? En quoi la technologie influence-t-elle le développement de l’identité personnelle et publique?

iPhones have only been around since 2008, but the influence of smartphones on our lives is undeniable📱 Technology has had a huge impact on the evolution of language and culture, changing how we think and the words we use to express ourselves. We all have access to platforms where we present our public identity, which sometimes may be at odds with our personal identity 😳 Below you will find vocabulary resources to help you express your "identité numérique" 💻

Strive for Five Vocab 🔑🔑🔑

💻 numérique—digital; so, your "identité numérique is your digital identity; l'ère numérique (digital era)

💻 vos données personnelles—personal data

💻 partager (to share) vos photos / vos renseignements (information)

💻 les réseaux sociaux (social networks)

💻 afficher—to post (on social media, for example); télécharger (to download)

💻 harceler + menacer (to harass, to threaten)


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💻 le cyberintimidation / le harcèlement

💻 devenir dépendant.e de / accro à (to become dependent on, or addicted to)

Stromae warns us of the dangers of social media in his song Carmen. Image courtesy of transparent

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