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2.0 Unit 2 Overview: Molecular and Ionic Bonding






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October 28, 2020

From the College Board

👀 Develop Your Understanding of this unit

According to the College Board, "In Unit 2, students apply their knowledge of atomic structure at the particulate level and connect it to the macroscopic properties of a substance. Both the chemical and physical properties of materials can be explained by the structure and arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules and the forces between them. These forces, called chemical bonds, are distinct from typical intermolecular interactions⚗️.

Electronegativity can be used to make predictions about the type of bonding present between two atoms. In subsequent units, students will use the periodic table and the atomic properties to predict the type of bonding present between two atoms based on position."

🔎 Big Idea Questions

  1. How has the discovery of DNA changed the world?🧬

  2. How are molecular compounds arranged?

👨‍🔬What is Unit 2 About?

Unit 2 is all about bonding and how to draw the bonds between atoms. About 7-9% of the exam is about this unit. About half of it is diagrams and drawings which become really fun😆 once you get used to them.

📝Key Vocabulary 

Covalent bondIonic bondCrystal latticeCoulomb's Law
Polar covalentNonpolar covalentElectronegativityMelting point
IntramolecularBond orderBond lengthBond energy
Potential energyRepulsionAttractionLocalized electrons
Lattice energyMetallic bondingSea of mobile electronsAlloys
Interstitial alloysSubstitutional alloysLewis dot structuresLocalized electron model
Octet ruleResonanceFormal chargeExceptions to octet rule
HybridizationVSEPRMolecular GeometryElectron Domain Geography

Once you practice this unit, you'll have it down in no time.

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