College Applications

Learn how to get started on the college application process, explore universities and majors, and learn what you have to do each year of high school to stay on track.
11 Tips for Early Action and Early Decision
Are you applying early action or early decision? Here are 11 tips to help you succeed!
Summer Opportunities to Improve Your College Applications
Need to bulk up your college app? Learn how to use summer as a chance to improve your college application with a job, volunteer experience and more.
First-Gen: Preparing for the College Application
Are you a first-gen student applying to college? Check out this guide for some tips and resources.
The Pros and Cons of Out-of-State College
Should you go to school out-of-state? Find out about choosing a college in-state or out-of-state and how that could impact your experience in college.
How to Contact Admissions Officers
Learn how to talk to admissions officers to help you decide if a college is a good fit for you.
Early Action vs. Early Decision: What's the Difference?
What's the difference between early action, early decision, and regular decision? Here are some helpful tips and advice to help you decide how to apply.
How to Complete the Activities Section on Common App
What 10 activities should I include in the Common App activities section? What are some tips for writing the descriptions?
7 Steps to Submitting the Common App
Looking to apply to college using the Common App? This guide discusses the logistics of it, along with some tips!
Ultimate Guide to Letters of Recommendation for College Applications
Why are letters of recommendation so important? Who should I ask for my letters? How should I ask them? And what is the FERPA waiver?
How to Create Your Target List of Colleges to Apply To
Free step-by-step guide to help you through the process of creating a list of colleges to apply to!
What Extracurriculars Should High School Sophomores Do?
Trying to decide which extracurriculars to participate in during high school? Here's a guide to help you out!
What Do Colleges Look for in an Applicant?
Wondering how to stand out to colleges? This guide takes you through every aspect considered in the college admissions process.
Common App vs. Coalition App: Which One Should I Use?
Which college application is best, the Common App or Coalition App? Read about their requirements and which schools use them.
Ultimate Guide to the Coalition Application (Coalition for College)
Does a college you are looking to apply to require the Coalition App? Check out this guide for more information, especially regarding the prompts!
How I Got Into a State University
Applying to a state university? Check out this guide for some tips from a college student who has been there!
Private vs. Public Colleges: What’s the Difference?
Understand public vs private school, including Ivy Leagues, with this college guide to help you choose the best option for you!
How to Plan for College Throughout High School
Stay on track with this college application planning timeline for high school students.
How to Compare College Majors
Easy-to-use and free template to help you find the college majors that fits your interests.
College Application Glossary: Must Know Terms
110+ definitions you should know when applying to college. Made easy with the Fiveable College Application Glossary containing every term and phrase.
How to Pick the Right College for You
Learn how to pick the right college for you! We explore factors such as cost, location, and campus culture in this helpful guide for high school students.
Ultimate Guide to College Interviews
How to ace an interview and what kinds of questions you should ask.
How to Choose Your College Major
What should I major in? How do I choose a major that is right for me? This is a comprehensive guide to choosing your major!
How I Got into a Private University
Looking to apply to a private university? Learn from a student who has been there and has some advice for you!
How to Prep for a College Interview
Tips to ace a college interview, mock interview questions, and even what it means to dress business casual!
The Most Important Advice for College Applications
The best college admissions advice. Here's what you need to know about the Common App, college essays, college tours, and keeping it all organized.
How to Choose Which Colleges to Apply to
Narrow down your college application list with this helpful advice for rising seniors in high school.
Top 10 TikToks for Applying to College
Hear the best advice on college apps, essay writing, must-know info for rising college freshmen from these TikTok student influencers.
What It's Like Majoring in Art
Want a job in art? Learn about career paths and planning to have a professional future in an art role.
How to Craft an Elevator Pitch for Your College Interview
Tell me about yourself. Can you answer this question? In this guide, learn how to adapt an elevator pitch for a college interview!
How to Choose Your College Major
How do you pick a college major? Here's a guide to college majors and to make the process less stressful.
How to Narrow Down Your College List
Helpful steps and tips to know when searching for colleges to apply to.
College Checklist: What to Accomplish In Your Junior Year
What you need to know to stay on track to applying to college and what you can get done your junior year.
How to Write a Personal Statement (A Crash Course)
Easy to understand guide on writing the Common App and personal statement essay for your college application.
Step-By-Step Guide to Get Impressive Letters of Recommendation
Applying to college and need to include letters of recommendation? Here are some tips on how to ask for them.
How to Write a Brag Sheet to Improve Your College Recommendation Letters
Set yourself apart by sharing your involvement in clubs, extracurriculars and achievements with those writing your college letters of recommendation.
5 Goals for Your Freshman Year of High School
Starting your freshman year of high school? Here are some things you can anticipate and some goals you could try to reach!
How to Submit the Common App
Need help to submit the Common App for college applications? Here are tips to make the application process easier!
6 Goals for Your Sophomore Year of High School
Starting your sophomore year of high school? Here are some things you can anticipate and some goals you could try to reach!
10 Goals for Your Freshman Year of High School
Going into your freshman year of high school? Here are some goals you could aim for!
Impressive Resume Template for College Applications
Use this free resume template for high school students to use for college applications and internships!
College Essay Tips for First-Gen Students
Are you first in your family to go to college? Need help writing your college essay? Here are tips for you!
How to Practice Self-Care During the College Admissions Process
Stressed out by applying to colleges? Tips and suggestions on how to prioritize self-care during the college admissions process.
How Much College Credit Will I Get for My AP Scores?
Wondering how much college credit you would receive for your AP scores? Check out this guide here!
Is it Okay to Apply to College “Undecided?”
Are you undecided on your college major? This guide will explore what it means to apply to college undecided and whether it is the best option for you.
Another Way to Define Prestige When Looking at Colleges
What is prestige and what does it have to do with your college application process? Check out this guide to get the answers.
How to Get Outstanding Letters of Recommendation for College
Learn how to choose who to ask for Letters of Recommendation for your college application.
7 Goals for Your Senior Year of High School
Starting your last year of high school? Here is what you need to know to succeed during your last year before college.
13 Tips for Adding Activities & Awards on Your University of California (UC) Application
Applying to Berkeley? UCLA? UC Davis? Tips for activities section on the University of California (UC) Application.
10 TikTok Videos to Help You With the College App Process
The college application process is long and confusing. Thank you to these TikTokers for helping us figuring it out!
Ultimate Checklist for Fall of Senior Year in High School
Are you approaching your senior year? Here's what you need to know about the college application process this fall and winter.
AP Credit vs. Dual Credit
Want to take a college credit-bearing course? Here are the differences between AP credit and dual credit!
How to Write a College Essay
This comprehensive guide includes a step by step process to make college essay writing easy!
What are CLEP Exams?
Preparing to take a CLEP exam? Here are helpful resources for you to know while exploring the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams.
Tips for the Personal Insight Questions on the UC Application
Applying to a University of California school? Check out the personal insight questions on the UC application and some tips for success.
Ultimate Guide to the ApplyTexas Application
Are you applying to a public or private university in Texas? Check out this guide to get a sense of the application platform.
How to Demonstrate Interest to Admissions Officers
What is demonstrated interest? Here's a list of colleges that consider demonstrated interest.
7 Goals for Your Junior Year of High School
Starting your junior year of high school? Here is a checklist to help you stay on track for applying to college.
How to Apply to College
Applying to college and not sure where to start? Here are some steps to follow to make applying to colelge easier for you!
ACT & SAT Exam Guides
Deciding between the SAT and ACT? Helpful breakdown of the tests so you can decide which college entrance exam you should take.
How to Prepare for the UC Applications (California)
Thinking about applying to University of California schools? Learn about UC requirements here including Berkeley, UCLA, Davis, Irvine and more!
Ultimate Guide to the Common App
What is the Common Application? This is your guide to the Common App and how to get started.
8 Ways to Stand Out as an Incoming High School Senior
Advice for incoming high school seniors to stand out this fall and make the most of your last year in high school.
6 Biggest Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Major
Need help choosing a major? This guide will walk you through all of the important criteria to consider when deciding a college major.
8 Examples of College Essays That Worked
How to write your college essay: examples of college essays that answer the Common App, Coalition App, and school-specific writing prompts!
Ultimate Checklist for Applying to College
Overwhelmed by apply to college? Here's a checklist to track things like the FAFSA, the Common App, and college essays.
15 Tips for Self-Care & Stress Management
Self-care and focusing on mental health throughout high school is vital! Check out these ways to manage stress and take care of yourself.
10 Pinterest Boards to Survive the College Application Process
Need advice on the college application process, admissions, and college life. Explore life at college and how to get there with these Pinterest boards.
How I Got Into a Top 20 University
Looking to apply to a top 20 university? Check out this college guide for tips and tricks!
How to Make the Most of the Summer Before Senior Year
Are you a rising senior and feeling anxious about college application season? Check out this guide for some tips and what you could do this summer!
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