High School Sophomore

What is the PSAT?
Learn all you need to know about the PSAT including scoring, the different sections, and info about National Merit Scholarship.
PSAT: Complete Guide to the Writing & Language Section
Discover the types of questions you might see on the PSAT writing section as well as provide a grammar review and advice.
PSAT: Complete Guide to the Math Section
Learn about the PSAT math section; everything from exam structure to test-taking strategies to a review what types of questions to study with examples.
PSAT: Complete Guide to the Reading Section
A complete overview of everything you need to expect for the PSAT reading section, with question examples, explanations, and helpful strategies.
Pros & Cons of Dual Enrollment for High Schoolers
Earning college credit with Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment. Learn which one is right for you!
What Extracurriculars Should High School Sophomores Do?
Trying to decide which extracurriculars to participate in during high school? Here's a guide to help you out!
How to Plan for College Throughout High School
Stay on track with this college application planning timeline for high school students.
ACT vs SAT: Which Should I Take?
Deciding between the SAT and ACT? Check out this guide to help choose which standardized test you should take.
6 Goals for Your Sophomore Year of High School
Starting your sophomore year of high school? Here are some things you can anticipate and some goals you could try to reach!
AP Credit vs. Dual Credit
Want to take a college credit-bearing course? Here are the differences between AP credit and dual credit!
21 Ways High School Students Can Improve Their Resumes
Confused on how to format your resume? This guide shares resume tips for high school students on how to design, format, and write content.
15 Tips for Self-Care & Stress Management
Self-care and focusing on mental health throughout high school is vital! Check out these ways to manage stress and take care of yourself.
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