How to Contact Admissions Officers

Admissions officers are often your first introduction to a school, and can give you more information than or expand upon any info learned from the college's website. Their job is to be familiar with all aspects of the school--from majors to clubs to student health to study abroad--and communicate all of that with you. There's a lot to consider when deciding if a school is a good fit, and admissions officers can be a valuable resource.

⏰ When to Start

It's a good idea to meet with your assigned officer for the first time before you even submit your application. Schedule a meeting and start emailing at least three weeks before the early action deadline. Counselors get busy and often won't take meetings after they get busy with reading applications.

Plan on meeting with your officer at least once, if not two or three times. The best plan is to meet before you submit an application, a few days after you submit, and then a few weeks after you submit.

👋 How to Reach Out

Always start with email! All admissions officers have their emails linked on the university's page, so go ahead and introduce yourself. Ask for a meeting, state your name and even your desired field of study. The key is to start humanizing yourself!

🗣 What should I say?

1️⃣1st Meeting

This first meeting should happen before you send in your application. The goal is to get the officer to remember your name. They will likely be reading it in a few weeks on an application form. Tell short and relevant personal stories, connect over shared passions, and ask questions! Be honest and direct. Express how much you love the school, and ask what you can do to improve your application.

2️⃣ 2nd Meeting

This meeting may be the most crucial, as it should happen immediately before or after the submission of an application. Ask questions about the university and get connected with department heads. Further work to connect with the admissions officer, and make it short and sweet!

3️⃣ 3rd Meeting

Whether this happens after you are accepted or before a decision has been issued is up to you. This final meeting is to touch base with your admissions offer and ask final questions. If accepted, ask to connect with scholarship officers and anyone who can help you get rooted in the school.

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