First-Gen: Financial Aid Overview
Are you a first-generation student seeking financial aid? Check out our guide to help you understand how to pay for college.
What's the Deal with Financial Aid?
ELI5 financial aid in college. Learn about the importance of financial aid and how to pay for college.
Checklist for Financial Aid Requirements & Applications
What you need to know about applying to financial aid and requirements you need to prepare for college.
A Guide to Understanding Financial Aid
How are you paying for college? What you need to know about financial aid to help you prepare for college.
How Much Student Debt Should I Take On?
Learn how to responsibly take on debt to pay for college and helpful tips to help your future self.
How Does the FAFSA Work?
We break down what the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is including the application, types of rewards, and more.
Ultimate Checklist for Applying to College
Overwhelmed by apply to college? Here's a checklist to track things like the FAFSA, the Common App, and college essays.
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