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Ultimate Guide to the ACT: Reading Section
This ACT Reading resource is the ultimate guide of tips, strategies, and practice questions to test your knowledge.
ACT Math: Guide to Modeling
Aiming for that perfect score? Don't miss out on this guide to ACT Math: Modeling from Fiveable.
ACT Writing: Guide to Rubric Scoring
Feel more confident about the ACT Writing section with this breakdown of the rubric scoring.
How to Get a 36 on the ACT Reading Section
Tips and strategies to get a perfect score on ACT Reading! A 36 is possible with Fiveable's free ACT resources!
Ultimate Guide to the ACT: English Section
Learn how to ace the ACT Grammar, Writing, English section with this ultimate guide of tips, strategies, and practice questions to test your knowledge.
Should I Retake the ACT?
We're here to help you increase your score on your ACT retake! Find tons of free ACT test prep resources and guides from Fiveable.
ACT Reading Practice: Craft and Structure
Practicing for the ACT Reading? Helpful info on Craft and Structure to help you get a 36 on your exam!
Ultimate Guide to the ACT: Science Section
Master each section of ACT Science with examples, practice questions, and in-depth explanations for every type of question!
ACT Math: Guide to Data Analysis & Representation
In-depth into ACT Math Practice Questions that will help you aim for a 36! We have many ACT resources and prep for your upcoming exam!
Is the ACT Hard?
Learn about the difficulty of the ACT to help you decide if you should take the college entrance exam.
ACT Math: How to Use Your Calculator
Want some ACT math tips and how to complete some problems on a calculator? Check this guide out!
ACT Writing: Guide to Organizing Your Essay
Increase your ACT Essay score with this guide to organizing your essay! Find more Fiveable free ACT practice, tips, and strategies to help you study!
ACT Writing: Guide to Ideas & Analysis
Analysis is an important part of your ACT Essay! Score as high as you can with Fiveable's free ACT resources for high school students.
ACT Writing: Guide to Developing Your Essay
Fiveable is here to help you get a 36 on your ACT! Learn how to write your ACT Essay and be prepared for test day!
ACT English Prep: Guide to Word Choice, Style and Tone
Free practice guide of the ACT English Section and many other ACT resources available from Fiveable.
ACT Math: Guide to Stats & Probability
Get a 36 on your ACT! Practice stats questions found on the ACT Math section and get other FREE ACT resources!
ACT Math: Guide to Geometry
Need ACT practice help? Fiveable is here to help. Get ACT Math geometry questions with this guide!
ACT English: Guide to Topic Development and Organization
Want a 36? ACT English Practice on topic development/organization. Plus even more ACT Prep resources for you to study with!
ACT Science: Guide to Evaluation of Models & Experimental Results
Get a 36 with this ACT Science guide of valuation of models and results. Find more ACT resources from Fiveable!
What Are the Best ACT Review Resources?
Find the best ACT review sources to help you earn a 36! Videos, practice books, review articles, and more!
What's in the ACT?
Unsure what you're getting into with the ACT? We got you! Learn the tl;dr of the ACT including sections and how you can ace the exam
SAT Math: Guide to Quadratic Equations & Radicals
Algebra II on the SAT Math: Everything you need to know on the Passport to Advanced Math with Fiveable's guide and practice problems.
SAT or ACT: Which Exam Should I Choose?
Learn about College Exams and determine if ACT or SAT is right for you as you prepare for your applying to college.
SAT Math: Guide to Linear Equations
Get an 800 on the SAT math section with Fiveable's SAT Math review and tips on linear equations.
SAT Math: How to Use Your Calculator
Learn how to use your calculator for the SAT Math section so you can get a high score!
SAT Reading: Guide to the Social Science Passage
Learn about the SAT Reading section including social science passages, synthesis questions, and infographics!
How to Study for the SAT/PSAT English Sections
Study tips and tricks for the English sections on the SAT/PSAT that will actually help you.
SAT Reading: Guide to Scientific Concepts Passage
SAT Reading: how to approach scientific concepts, passages, and rhetorical questions
Absolutely Essential SAT Reading Strategies
How to get 800 on the SAT reading section by improving reading comprehension and learning question types. SAT reading practice questions and tips.
SAT Math: Guide to Proportional Reasoning & Relationships
Score 800 on the SAT Math section by mastering the proportional reasoning & relationships portion of the data analysis/problem solving topic with Fiveable.
Absolutely Essential SAT Writing Strategies
Everything you need to know about the SAT essay section! From basic information to SAT essay tips and tricks.
SAT Writing: Must Know Grammar Rules
Get a top score on the SAT Writing and Language; Learn the SAT grammar rules by using Fiveable's SAT study tips and score 800!
Is the SAT Hard? Is the SAT Worth It?
Determine if the SAT is the test for you. College entrance exam demystified with this guide.
SAT Language: Must Know Grammar Conventions
Score big with our SAT Language, Grammar Conventions: Writing and Language resources.
SAT Math: Guide to Statistics & Data Analysis
Everything you need to know about statistics and data analysis on the SAT Math section. Score an 800 with Fiveable's study guides and videos.
SAT Reading: Guide to Historical Document Passage
Learn how to read the Historical Document Passage in SAT Reading exam and ace this section!
First-Gen: Financial Aid Overview
Are you a first-generation student seeking financial aid? Check out our guide to help you understand how to pay for college.
Pros & Cons of Dual Enrollment for High Schoolers
Earning college credit with Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment. Learn which one is right for you!
How to Get Internships in High School
Finding and preparing for internships as a high school student! From resume tips to networking to dealing with rejection, this guide has it all!
11 Tips for Early Action and Early Decision
Are you applying early action or early decision? Here are 11 tips to help you succeed!
First-Gen: Preparing for the College Application
Are you a first-gen student applying to college? Check out this guide for some tips and resources.
The Pros and Cons of Out-of-State College
Should you go to school out-of-state? Find out about choosing a college in-state or out-of-state and how that could impact your experience in college.
How to Contact Admissions Officers
Learn how to talk to admissions officers to help you decide if a college is a good fit for you.
How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Help Your Internship Chances
Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Here's how to get noticed and get the internship you want while still in high school!
Early Action vs. Early Decision: What's the Difference?
What's the difference between early action, early decision, and regular decision? Here are some helpful tips and advice to help you decide how to apply.
How to Complete the Activities Section on Common App
What 10 activities should I include in the Common App activities section? What are some tips for writing the descriptions?
7 Steps to Submitting the Common App
Looking to apply to college using the Common App? This guide discusses the logistics of it, along with some tips!
Are Unpaid Internships Worth It?
Unpaid internships are legal but there are a lot of things to consider when applying to them or accepting an offer!
What is Vocational School?
Looking at vocational school instead of college? This article will cover all of the necessary and important information you need to know.
Ultimate Guide to Letters of Recommendation for College Applications
Why are letters of recommendation so important? Who should I ask for my letters? How should I ask them? And what is the FERPA waiver?
How to Create Your Target List of Colleges to Apply To
Free step-by-step guide to help you through the process of creating a list of colleges to apply to!
What’s the Difference Between an Associate’s and Bachelor's Degree?
Learn the types of college degrees to help you figure out what your next steps whether you're looking at a 2 or 4 year degree, public or private school.
Is College Right for You?
Do you have to go to college? Learn how to decide what your next steps whether it's college, trade school, gap year or the workforce.
What Do Colleges Look for in an Applicant?
Wondering how to stand out to colleges? This guide takes you through every aspect considered in the college admissions process.
4 Examples & Templates for Outstanding High School Resumes
Free resume templates and examples for high school students to help them get an internship or job.
Common App vs. Coalition App: Which One Should I Use?
Which college application is best, the Common App or Coalition App? Read about their requirements and which schools use them.
Ultimate Guide to the Coalition Application (Coalition for College)
Does a college you are looking to apply to require the Coalition App? Check out this guide for more information, especially regarding the prompts!
How I Got Into a State University
Applying to a state university? Check out this guide for some tips from a college student who has been there!
Private vs. Public Colleges: What’s the Difference?
Understand public vs private school, including Ivy Leagues, with this college guide to help you choose the best option for you!
Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid
Great resource for learning how to pay for college and understanding financial aid as you prepare for college.
How to Plan for College Throughout High School
Stay on track with this college application planning timeline for high school students.
College Application Glossary: Must Know Terms
110+ definitions you should know when applying to college. Made easy with the Fiveable College Application Glossary containing every term and phrase.
How to Pick the Right College for You
Learn how to pick the right college for you! We explore factors such as cost, location, and campus culture in this helpful guide for high school students.
How to Ace College Entrance Exams (SAT, ACT, PSAT)
Need help with SAT, ACT or PSAT? Here's what you need to know to do well on your college entrance exams.
How to Find & Apply for Scholarships
Need to pay for college? Here's the info you need to find and apply to scholarships to help you pay for school.
Step-By-Step Guide to Get Impressive Letters of Recommendation
Applying to college and need to include letters of recommendation? Here are some tips on how to ask for them.
How to Write a Brag Sheet to Improve Your College Recommendation Letters
Set yourself apart by sharing your involvement in clubs, extracurriculars and achievements with those writing your college letters of recommendation.
ACT vs SAT: Which Should I Take?
Deciding between the SAT and ACT? Check out this guide to help choose which standardized test you should take.
How to Submit the Common App
Need help to submit the Common App for college applications? Here are tips to make the application process easier!
Another Way to Define Prestige When Looking at Colleges
What is prestige and what does it have to do with your college application process? Check out this guide to get the answers.
How to Get Outstanding Letters of Recommendation for College
Learn how to choose who to ask for Letters of Recommendation for your college application.
7 Goals for Your Senior Year of High School
Starting your last year of high school? Here is what you need to know to succeed during your last year before college.
Ultimate Checklist for Fall of Senior Year in High School
Are you approaching your senior year? Here's what you need to know about the college application process this fall and winter.
AP Credit vs. Dual Credit
Want to take a college credit-bearing course? Here are the differences between AP credit and dual credit!
Ultimate Guide to the ApplyTexas Application
Are you applying to a public or private university in Texas? Check out this guide to get a sense of the application platform.
ACT & SAT Exam Guides
Deciding between the SAT and ACT? Helpful breakdown of the tests so you can decide which college entrance exam you should take.
How to Prepare for the UC Applications (California)
Thinking about applying to University of California schools? Learn about UC requirements here including Berkeley, UCLA, Davis, Irvine and more!
Ultimate Guide to the Common App
What is the Common Application? This is your guide to the Common App and how to get started.
40 National Scholarships That Will Make College More Affordable (And How to Apply!)
This comprehensive guide covers the top 40 national scholarships available for high school juniors and seniors.
8 Ways to Stand Out as an Incoming High School Senior
Advice for incoming high school seniors to stand out this fall and make the most of your last year in high school.
21 Ways High School Students Can Improve Their Resumes
Confused on how to format your resume? This guide shares resume tips for high school students on how to design, format, and write content.
15 Tips for Self-Care & Stress Management
Self-care and focusing on mental health throughout high school is vital! Check out these ways to manage stress and take care of yourself.
How to Make the Most of the Summer Before Senior Year
Are you a rising senior and feeling anxious about college application season? Check out this guide for some tips and what you could do this summer!
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