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7 Goals for Your Junior Year of High School


💡 Overview of Junior Year

Now is the time to really start thinking about your future. Of course, it can be quite intimidating to think about the next few years, but hopefully, your high school experience has clarified some of your growing dreams and aspirations. Use these discoveries to think about college, after all, you will be starting the application process in mere months!

If you want see an overview of your Junior Year broken down into months-long chunks, check out Junior Year by Season.

✅ Key Goals for Junior Year

  1. Complete standardized testing
  2. Tour universities
  3. Attend college meetings and reach out to academic advisors
  4. Solidify a general area of study you may be interested in
  5. Talk to professionals about their careers
  6. Think about work and internships
  7. Get involved in your community

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