10 Pinterest Boards to Survive the College Application Process

tl;dr: Don't stress about college applications! Fiveable's got you covered with 10 Pinterest boards that will help you get through the process. From essay writing tips to scholarships and even dorm life essentials, these Pinterest boards will give you the best advice to make college applications a breeze. So, don’t miss out and use them to create your college checklists, timelines, and templates.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about the college application season? Well, fear not—Fiveable's got your back with 10 Pinterest boards that sum up everything you need to know for college and university applications. From essay writing tips, to scholarships, to dorm life essentials, these Pinterest boards are sure to come in handy with your college admissions process. Use them to create your college checklists, timelines, templates, and compile the most important advice to get you through college app season.

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Top 10 College App Pinterest Boards

1. Admissions Smarts: College Apps

This Pinterest board, created by Admissions Smarts, is a one-stop-shop for tips and tricks to navigate the deadline-filled college admissions process. Bonus: Timelines are incredibly useful for understanding where you are in your applications. There’s even a timeline for incoming high school freshmen, all the way up to grade 12.

2. College Initiative: Applications Guide

In this Pinterest board, College Initiative has compiled free-to-download guides for letters of recommendation, listing majors on college applications, and even more resources than you can imagine. For high school seniors, their checklist for college life is a must-read during the fall season!

3. College Life Made Easy: Scholarships

Have you been searching fruitlessly for scholarships to help with your tuition? This Pinterest board by College Life Made Easy includes colorful and easy-to-read scholarship infographics for incoming college students. With over 500 scholarships for different months of the year, this board is one you should be sure to bookmark.

4. myclickjournal: International Student College Tips

This Pinterest board was specially curated with international students traveling abroad in mind, and it sure is helpful. With resources such as “The Ultimate College Application Guide for International Students” and “Top 10 Career Tips for Business Degrees,” this board is helpful as a reference, especially if studying abroad interests you.

5. Simple Vet Effective: College Advice

You can never go wrong with too much advice for this important chapter of your life. This Pinterest board focuses on self-care tips, including effective habits and routines that you can use to improve your productivity. For students who are worried about being overwhelmed with the workload, this board has you covered with time management hacks.

6. Monica Matthews: College Financial Aid

Financial debt is one of the biggest obstacles college students must overcome today. Thankfully, there are resources out there to help you make the most out of student aid, and this Pinterest board by How2WinScholarships is one of them. From FAFSA Q&A’s to scholarships for every degree and field, this board is a must-read for students looking to save money.

7. The Metamorphosis: College App Essays

If you’ve been searching for the key to writing the perfect college application essay, look no further than this Pinterest board by The Metamorphosis. It includes resources such as “Ingredients for a Good Essay” and “10 Simple Steps to Writing Your Best College Essay Yet.”

8. More money tips: College Money Tips

Do you feel a little out of your element in financial literacy? Think you can never escape student debt? This Pinterest board will answer many of your questions and more, from paying off student loans to making money from side hustles in college. What’s more, this board features advice from real millionaires, so you can be sure you’re doing it right.

9. GradGuard: College Life

This well-rounded Pinterest board has resources for every aspect of your ideal college life, such as budgeting, staying safe on campus, and even conquering homesickness. You might be surprised by how much useful advice you can find just by scrolling through this board! And because we can never get enough of saving money, there is a guide to discount codes for major fast-food chains.

10. Gen Y Girl: Adulting 101

This list wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive guide to the mysteries of adulthood. After all, college is a big step out of most students’ comfort zones, and it can signify a life-changing experience for many. This Pinterest board breaks down often confusing aspects of adulting, such as living alone and paying your first bills.


The college application process, and college in general, can be confusing or daunting for some students. However, you’re far from alone in this journey! With the help of these 10 Pinterest boards and the best of luck from Fiveable, you’ll be more than ready to take on college admissions no matter when you start. Check this out for more important college admissions tips.

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