6 Strategies to Improve Your Study Habits in College
Looking to form better study habits? Check out this guide for some tips to help students do better in school.
How to Improve Your Mental Health in College
Stressed or burnt-out about school? Here's how to create a self-care plan and take care of yourself. Mental health matters!
How to Use Self-Assessments to Help with College Applications
Get noticed by admissions officers by sharing your passions and career interests on the self-assessment portion of your college application!
How to Find Motivation in an Online Learning Environment
Going to school remotely? Here are tips on how to stay motivated during remote learning and how to prioritize your mental health.
How to Choose the Best College for You
What is college culture and why is it important to attend a school with the correct culture fit?
Common Challenges for First-Gen College Students & How to Overcome Them
Are you a first-gen student trying to figure out college? Get insight on what colleges is like for first-gen students.
How to Practice Self-Care During the College Admissions Process
Stressed out by applying to colleges? Tips and suggestions on how to prioritize self-care during the college admissions process.
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