Top 10 TikToks for Applying to College

tl;dr: TikTok is a great platform for upcoming college-bound students. Get expert advice on college admissions and the college experience from some of the top college TikTok influencers. From writing college essays to submitting applications and settling into dorm life, these videos have plenty of tips and takeaways. Plus, learn about the mistakes to avoid as a college freshman!

Overview: College Experience Tiktok 🏝️

Tiktok is always a popular platform for Gen-Z students. With how entertaining it is, it’s hard to believe it can also be educational!  Some influencers are using this platform to inform and inspire by providing you with some of the best tips and advice for college applications 📈

How do you write a college essay? How do you even choose an essay topic? What is the Common App, and how do you submit it? Believe it or not, Tiktok holds the answers. Get the best college admissions advice from the experts 😎

Not only is the application process nerve-wracking, transitioning from high school into college can be downright terrifying. What do you need to know as a rising college freshman? What is college like? Learn about the college experience directly from current college students 🧠

Finding the right influencers is important as they can guide you on the right path with good notes and takeaways in areas such as dorm life, exams, lectures, homework, and more 😁

This list comprises of 10 TikTok creators with topics guaranteed to help you with your college application experience this upcoming academic year 🙌

College Bound
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Top 10 College Tiktoks

1. If you intend on applying to college on the Common App, here are some Common App must-knows 🧠

TikTok User: @chaoticlena
Image Courtesy of @chaoticlena

2. This useful video details an essay writing experience with a Stanford Acceptance 📝

Tiktok User: @stanfordtrio
Image Courtesy of @stanfordtrio

3. When writing a college essay, it is important to start off with good college essay topics for admissions review. 📖

Tiktok User: @stanfordtrio

Unique essay topics for your college applications
Image Courtesy of @stanfordtrio

4. Still cramming in your standardized testing? @collegevine has a series of different ways to study for the SAT based on your learning style 🤓

Tiktok User: @collegevine

Tips for studying for the SAT as a visual learner
Image Courtesy of @collegevine

5. In college, you are able to select your course majors and minors, and this video covers that extremely well ☝️

Tiktok User: @happiejordan

The difference between major and minors
Image Courtesy of @happiejordan

6. Here is a video on college interviews and key factors that helped @60secondscholar get accepted into both Yale and Duke 🏫

Tiktok User: @60secondscholar

How to prepare for a college admissions interview
Image Courtesy of @60secondscholar

7. Essential college app tips are presented in this video⚠️

Tiktok User: @connectinplace

Essential college application tips
Image Courtesy of @connectinplace

8. As a college freshman, there are many outcomes and possibilities from your college experience. Here are some mistakes to avoid 😬

Tiktok User: @happiejordan

Mistakes to avoid while in college
Image Courtesy of @happiejordan

9. @Taylordonoghuee gives excellent tips on college apps in this video!  ✨

Tiktok User: @taylordonoghuee

College application to know
Image Courtesy of @taylordonoghuee

10. Confused about where to start in your college apps? This video has plenty of ideas to get you started 🎬

Tiktok User: @educollab

Where to start with college applications
Image Courtesy of @educollab

We hope these Tiktoks help you out with your college app journey and that you learned something new about the college experience. From writing college essays, to submitting college applications, to settling into dorm life and getting acclimated to new types of classes, Tiktok holds plenty of valuable advice. Turns out that it really is good for more than procrastinating on homework 😅

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