First-Gen: Financial Aid Overview
Are you a first-generation student seeking financial aid? Check out our guide to help you understand how to pay for college.
Financial Aid Resources for Students of Color
What financial aid is specifically towards minority students? Check out this guide for a list!
What Do Colleges Look for in an Applicant?
Wondering how to stand out to colleges? This guide takes you through every aspect considered in the college admissions process.
What is the National Merit Scholarship Program?
Everything you need to know for the National Merit Scholarship, including cutoffs, index scores, and tips for the PSAT.
College Application Glossary: Must Know Terms
110+ definitions you should know when applying to college. Made easy with the Fiveable College Application Glossary containing every term and phrase.
Grants & Scholarships for First-Gen Students
How to pay for college: a guide for first-gen student with grants and scholarships you could apply to!
How to Find & Apply for Scholarships
Need to pay for college? Here's the info you need to find and apply to scholarships to help you pay for school.
Common Challenges for First-Gen College Students & How to Overcome Them
Are you a first-gen student trying to figure out college? Get insight on what colleges is like for first-gen students.
College Essay Tips for First-Gen Students
Are you first in your family to go to college? Need help writing your college essay? Here are tips for you!
Top Scholarships for High School Students (and how to apply!)
Looking for college scholarships? Learn about how to take advantage of both local and national scholarship opportunities to help pay for college.
How to Calculate Your Financial Aid Needs
Tips and tricks to calculate your financial aid needs to help prepare for college.
40 National Scholarships That Will Make College More Affordable (And How to Apply!)
This comprehensive guide covers the top 40 national scholarships available for high school juniors and seniors.
15 Tips for Self-Care & Stress Management
Self-care and focusing on mental health throughout high school is vital! Check out these ways to manage stress and take care of yourself.
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