10 TikTok Videos to Help You With the College App Process

The college admissions season can be stressful, unpredictable, and frustrating at times. Thankfully, there are many hacks, tips, and strategies that can make your life easier during this hectic time. Luckily for you, Fiveable has your back! Relieve your college application stress by checking out these TikToks:

1. How to Start the College Application Process

Confused about where to start with your college application process? The planning can be tricky, but user @educollab has advice on where to start.


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2. College Interview Tips

Often an overlooked aspect of the college admissions process, interviews can be important at top schools, especially if they are evaluative. Check out this video by @60secondscholar to hear their take on how to ace your college interviews.


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3. Essay Topic Ideas

Essays can seem intimidating, especially if you are unsure what to write about! Current Stanford student part of @stanfordtrio shares essay topics that got them accepted into Stanford, Columbia, NYU, and more!


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4. How to Choose Who to Write Your Letter of Recommendation

Some colleges require you to submit a letter of recommendation (LOR). Watch this TikTok by @nichesocial to better understand who would be the best person to write you a letter, should you need one!


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5. How to Compose a College Essay Intro

A good quality college essay is engaging, but achieving this can seem daunting. MIT student @goharsguide provides a guide on how to nail the introductory section of your essay!


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6. The "Why this Major" Essay

A common essay prompt posed by colleges asks why you are pursuing your desired major. While we hope you are pursuing a field you are passionate about, check out this video by @goharsguide if you feel lost.


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7. How to Decide Where to Apply

Coach K from @coach_k_college shares their #1 tip deciding which colleges to apply to! It can be helpful to narrow down your list, as the benefits include saving money, time, effort and allow you to allocate your means to applications you truly care about!


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8. The Additional Information Section

This section often stumps students as unsure what belongs and what doesn't! @thealmostastrophysicist advises on what you should and should not include in this part of the Common App.


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9. How to Fill Out the Common App Activities Section

The activities section is quite possibly the most important, so it's crucial your activities accurately reflect what you pursued during high school. @collegeprepguide explains how to fill out this section, with some additional tips!


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10. The Honors Section on the Common App

Looking for examples for the honors section of the Common App? @collegewithkelly gives examples of what to include; you likely have awards you forgot you received!


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Conclusion 🌟

We hope these TikToks have given you some more clarity about how to fill out your college applications! If you need a good laugh to relieve some of your application season stress, feel free to check out the Fiveable TikTok account!

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