College Alternatives

Pros & Cons of Dual Enrollment for High Schoolers
Earning college credit with Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment. Learn which one is right for you!
What is Vocational School?
Looking at vocational school instead of college? This article will cover all of the necessary and important information you need to know.
What’s the Difference Between an Associate’s and Bachelor's Degree?
Learn the types of college degrees to help you figure out what your next steps whether you're looking at a 2 or 4 year degree, public or private school.
Is College Right for You?
Do you have to go to college? Learn how to decide what your next steps whether it's college, trade school, gap year or the workforce.
Should I Take a Gap Year?
Considering a gap year? This articles goes into depth of all aspects of gap years and everything you need to know.
7 Alternatives to Traditional College Education
Should you go to college? Learn about 7 different pathways besides college to help provide you info for your future
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