College Applications

Learn how to get started on the college application process, explore universities and majors, and learn what you have to do each year of high school to stay on track.
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The Application

What you need to know about college applications to feel confident about applying
13 Tips for Adding Activities & Awards on Your University of California (UC) Application
Applying to Berkeley? UCLA? UC Davis? Tips for activities section on the University of California (UC) Application.
8 Examples of College Essays That Worked
How to write your college essay: examples of college essays that answer the Common App, Coalition App, and school-specific writing prompts!
College Essay Tips for First-Gen Students
Are you first in your family to go to college? Need help writing your college essay? Here are tips for you!
How to Craft an Elevator Pitch for Your College Interview
Tell me about yourself. Can you answer this question? In this guide, learn how to adapt an elevator pitch for a college interview!
How to Prep for a College Interview
Tips to ace a college interview, mock interview questions, and even what it means to dress business casual!
How to Prepare for the UC Applications (California)
Thinking about applying to University of California schools? Learn about UC requirements here including Berkeley, UCLA, Davis, Irvine and more!
How to Write a College Essay
This comprehensive guide includes a step by step process to make college essay writing easy!
How to Write a Personal Statement (A Crash Course)
Easy to understand guide on writing the Common App and personal statement essay for your college application.
Tips for the Personal Insight Questions on the UC Application
Applying to a University of California school? Check out the personal insight questions on the UC application and some tips for success.

Colleges &ย Majors

Learn the difference between colleges and get help choosing a major
5 Resources to Help You Explore Potential Career Paths
Not sure how to find the right career? Here's a list of resources to help you find the right career for you!
6 Biggest Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Major
Need help choosing a major? This guide will walk you through all of the important criteria to consider when deciding a college major.
Another Way to Define Prestige When Looking at Colleges
What is prestige and what does it have to do with your college application process? Check out this guide to get the answers.
How I Got into a Private University
Looking to apply to a private university? Learn from a student who has been there and has some advice for you!
How To Become A Firefighter
Want to get a job as a firefighter? Info about career planning and pathways for fututre firefighters.
How To Become a Rocket Scientist
Want a job as a rocket scientist? Learn about career paths and planning for those who want a job as a rocket scientist after college.
How To Become a Software Engineer
Want to become an IT professional? Here's how you can become a software engineer.
How to Become a Teacher
Want a job as a teacher after college? Learn about career paths and planning to becoming a teacher.
How to Choose Which Colleges to Apply to
Narrow down your college application list with this helpful advice for rising seniors in high school.

I'm a...

Specific info based on what year you are in high school and resources for first-generation students
10 Goals for Your Freshman Year of High School
Going into your freshman year of high school? Here are some goals you could aim for!
11 Tips for Early Action and Early Decision
Are you applying early action or early decision? Here are 11 tips to help you succeed!
15 Tips for Self-Care & Stress Management
Self-care and focusing on mental health throughout high school is vital! Check out these ways to manage stress and take care of yourself.
21 Ways High School Students Can Improve Their Resumes
Confused on how to format your resume? This guide shares resume tips for high school students on how to design, format, and write content.
4 Examples & Templates for Outstanding High School Resumes
Free resume templates and examples for high school students to help them get an internship or job.
40 National Scholarships That Will Make College More Affordable (And How to Apply!)
This comprehensive guide covers the top 40 national scholarships available for high school juniors and seniors.
5 Goals for Your Freshman Year of High School
Starting your freshman year of high school? Here are some things you can anticipate and some goals you could try to reach!
6 Goals for Your Sophomore Year of High School
Starting your sophomore year of high school? Here are some things you can anticipate and some goals you could try to reach!
7 Goals for Your Junior Year of High School
Starting your junior year of high school? Here is a checklist to help you stay on track for applying to college.