Help with College

First-Gen: Financial Aid Overview
Are you a first-generation student seeking financial aid? Check out our guide to help you understand how to pay for college.
What's the Deal with Financial Aid?
ELI5 financial aid in college. Learn about the importance of financial aid and how to pay for college.
Scholarship Tracker Template
Free college scholarship tracker for your college admissions process to keep you organized!
Financial Aid Resources for Students of Color
What financial aid is specifically towards minority students? Check out this guide for a list!
Checklist for Financial Aid Requirements & Applications
What you need to know about applying to financial aid and requirements you need to prepare for college.
6 Strategies to Improve Your Study Habits in College
Looking to form better study habits? Check out this guide for some tips to help students do better in school.
A Guide to Understanding Financial Aid
How are you paying for college? What you need to know about financial aid to help you prepare for college.
How Much Student Debt Should I Take On?
Learn how to responsibly take on debt to pay for college and helpful tips to help your future self.
What is the National Merit Scholarship Program?
Everything you need to know for the National Merit Scholarship, including cutoffs, index scores, and tips for the PSAT.
How to Improve Your Mental Health in College
Stressed or burnt-out about school? Here's how to create a self-care plan and take care of yourself. Mental health matters!
Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid
Great resource for learning how to pay for college and understanding financial aid as you prepare for college.
How to Use Self-Assessments to Help with College Applications
Get noticed by admissions officers by sharing your passions and career interests on the self-assessment portion of your college application!
How to Improve Time Management in College
Trying to improve your time management skills? Here are some tips to help you study more efficiently.
Grants & Scholarships for First-Gen Students
How to pay for college: a guide for first-gen student with grants and scholarships you could apply to!
How to Find & Apply for Scholarships
Need to pay for college? Here's the info you need to find and apply to scholarships to help you pay for school.
How to Find Motivation in an Online Learning Environment
Going to school remotely? Here are tips on how to stay motivated during remote learning and how to prioritize your mental health.
How to Choose the Best College for You
What is college culture and why is it important to attend a school with the correct culture fit?
Common Challenges for First-Gen College Students & How to Overcome Them
Are you a first-gen student trying to figure out college? Get insight on what colleges is like for first-gen students.
Top Scholarships for High School Students (and how to apply!)
Looking for college scholarships? Learn about how to take advantage of both local and national scholarship opportunities to help pay for college.
How to Calculate Your Financial Aid Needs
Tips and tricks to calculate your financial aid needs to help prepare for college.
How Does the FAFSA Work?
We break down what the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is including the application, types of rewards, and more.
40 National Scholarships That Will Make College More Affordable (And How to Apply!)
This comprehensive guide covers the top 40 national scholarships available for high school juniors and seniors.
How Zoom Captions Can Improve Your Grades in Remote Classes
Learn how to improve your class experience with this tutorial about enabling closed captions in Zoom.
5 Work Study Jobs to Apply for in College
5 flexible jobs to apply for while in college that will help you pay for college
The Actual Costs of 4-Year College Degree
Learn why graduation rates are so low and an introduction into the costs of college and the alternatives.
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