How Zoom Captions Can Improve Your Grades in Remote Classes

Introduction 🎬

You may not know this, but Zoom has a FREE live closed caption feature! This article discusses why captions are helpful to everyone, not just those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. And if you’re wondering how to turn on Live Transcript, there are tutorials for that below!

Live Closed Captions󠁣󠁣 🇨🇨

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During these digital times of schooling and social life, so many of us know and love Zoom. But, there are some incredible features of Zoom that many people don't know exist 😮

The number one feature I recommend you turn on (and should be enabled in all Zoom meetings, in my opinion) is live closed captioning!

Closed captions are helpful for everyone, not just individuals who are hard-of-hearing. When taking notes in school 📝 I find it incredibly useful to have a live feed of my teacher’s lecture crawling across the screen at all times. It makes it easier to catch everything said, and even when I space out for a moment, I’m not lost!

Improving Accessibility 🤝

I recommend that Zoom hosts turn on live closed captioning to make meetings more accessible to everyone, and especially to be mindful of guests who are hard-of-hearing, deaf, or require the function so they don’t miss out on anything 👐

After all, once enabled, participants have the option of hiding captions if they find them distracting or moving the captions around their screens to less distracting places.

How to Enable Closed Captioning on Zoom 💻

At the bottom of the screen in Zoom, there is a bar that looks like this:

This bar contains many more options for the host of a meeting, including Breakout Rooms, Polling, Live Transcript, and more. Since these features must be turned on before starting a Zoom call, they are used less often than zoom features such as Record and Share Screen 📹

Closing ✨

Join me in adding Zoom captions to your Zoom meetings, and help spread the word to your teachers, professors, youth group leaders, and others about this great feature.

See the tutorial below for a step-by-step guide to enabling captions! Enabling captions in your zoom profile settings is always a good idea, even if you don't plan on using them in a meeting.

📽️ Watch: How to Set Up Zoom Captions

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