5 Work Study Jobs to Apply for in College

Are you a college student? If so, you’re most likely looking for a flexible part-time job. College is busy and expensive, so having a flexible job is super helpful. Luckily for students, most campuses have desk jobs that allow employees to do homework while they’re on the clock. ⌚

Most on-campus jobs also work with students closely to put together schedules because they recognize that classes are students’ number one priority. If you’re in college and looking for a job that you can work while prioritizing school, here are five jobs you can apply for. 🤔

1. Convenience Store Cashier 🍎

Pretty much anywhere on campus that sells food hires student workers. The best of these food service jobs are cashier jobs. Many campuses have cafes or small convenience stores where students work as cashiers. When these places aren’t bustling, cashiers are typically allowed to work on homework. Since these are on-campus jobs, they will also work around your class schedule. 🔊

💡 Speaking from experience: I’m currently writing this article while working at an on-campus convenience store cashier. There are typically only around three to five customers per hour (my school is pretty small), so I can write this between helping customers.

For the first half-hour of my shift, I clean up and stock shelves, and for the rest of the shift, I write articles, work on projects for my other on-campus job, do homework, or do nothing. It’s a great job because at the beginning of the semester, I was able to pick which shifts I work, get other work done while I’m on the clock, and switch shifts with other student workers to work more or fewer hours in a week. 🥽

I 100% recommend finding one of these kinds of desk jobs. I got this job by applying online with my campus’s food service company, but some colleges may hire food service student workers through a different office. If you want to do homework while at work, this is a job you should look into! 💵

2. Library Worker 📚

Another excellent desk job that most college campuses have is the library. Students who work at their college’s library may help shelve books, check out books, and operate the front desk. 📚

Typically, there’s always a student working the check-out desk at a library, and that student can work on homework when they’re not checking out books. The front desk job at a library is also great because it’ll work around your class schedule since it’s an on-campus job! ⏰

3. RA 😊

Another great job for college students is being a Residential Advisor (or RA). Residential Advisors are in charge of a floor of on-campus housing. RA's live in on-campus housing (typically dorms) and are in charge of the floor that they live on. 🏠

They coordinate activities to help their floor bond, stay "on call" in case residents need help, and assist in conflict resolution between roommates. Many colleges give RAs free room and board, which means they do not have to pay for their dorm room or on-campus meal plan. 🛌

This job can be slightly less flexible than others because you typically have to go through training at the beginning of the school year and be on call if residents have problems. Because all RAs are students, this job will work around your class schedule. Some college RAs can also work another on-campus job if they like. 💪

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4. Tutor ✏️

A flexible job that'll help you with your major is tutoring. Most college campuses have a tutoring center that runs tutor lead study groups and one-on-one tutoring. Students who have taken a particularly hard or common class get hired as tutors. Then, they help groups or individual students with practice problems, homework assignments, papers, projects, and any questions the students might have about that course. ➕

You'd have to be at least a semester into college to apply for. You also need to have taken a class and have done well before becoming a tutor for that class. This job can give you a great experience in the field you are studying, especially if you are going to school to become a teacher. ⛳

It is also a beneficial resource for all students, so you are doing a lot of fantastic work if you work for your college's tutoring center. While you can't work on your homework while working as a tutor, you'll only be scheduled to work when you're available since you are the one running study groups. 🏃‍♂️

5. Fitness Center 💪

Another potential desk job on campus is working at a fitness center. Many campuses have a gym or fitness center or similar space, often with students working at the front desk of that space. 🪑

There’s a wide range of tasks student employees may need to do while working at a fitness center, but there’s typically one student always working the front desk, which means you have time to do homework! Once again, since this is an on-campus job, it will likely work around your class schedule. ⛹️‍♀️

Other Job Possibilities 👀

Can’t find one of these jobs? Don’t worry; there are plenty of other on-campus desk jobs! Check out this article about how to find jobs on college campuses. 😌

Plus, if you can’t find a desk job, any job related to your major is excellent! If you can get a job related to your major, you can learn practical knowledge for your career while getting paid. Opportunities like research or working for a specific office (offices like resources and operations, campus safety, admissions, and the like) can allow you to do that. 🧠

Good luck with your job hunt, and remember to take a breath! Affording college seems like a stressful journey, but you will get through it. Your hard work right now will pay off, and you got this! 💯

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