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3.9 Demographic Transition





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May 18, 2020

Demographic Transition Model

Diagram Courtesy of Max Roser


Stage 1 ➪ High CBR, High CDR, low growth rate 

Stage 2 ➪ High CBR, lowering CDR, high growth rate 

Stage 3 ➪ lowering CBR, lowering CDR, lowering growth rate 

Stage 4 ➪ low CBR, low CDR, low/negative growth rate 

Pre-industrial Stage 

Transitional Stage 

Industrial Stage 

Post-industrial Stage 

Birth rate is high to compensate for high infant mortality rate. Poorer countries are in this stage.  

Industrialization begins. Access to food and improved healthcare lowers death rate. 

Death rate drops due to improved medicine, and modernization. Mostly developed countries are in this stage.

Birth rate drops to equal zero population growth. If Birth rate falls below death rate than population will decrease 

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