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🏖 Unit 5

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5.14 Integrated Pest Management

mark little

⏱️ May 1, 2020


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a very effective way to control different types of pests.  IPM uses a combination of pest control methods that minimizes the environmental impacts. Examples of IPM include natural predators of pests, crop rotation, intercropping, and the use of biological, chemical or physical methods to control pests. 


The physical control method of pest control prevents pests from entering an area. One example is the use of a physical barrier. Chemical control is the use of synthetic chemicals like attractants and repellents. A simple home remedy to control fruit flies is vinegar and dish soap in a container. Biological control often uses beneficial insects to control a specific pest. A biological control example is the use of the spotted lady beetle to help control the Colorado potato beetle. Rotating crops is a technique that is usually done every three to four years and can help control weeds and other pests.   Intercropping is the process of growing at least two crops at the same time in the same field. This strategy is helpful for more biodiversity and helps with weed control.

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