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Unit 3

Expanding Empires in the Early Modern World

54 min videoβ€’october 17, 2019


Donald D'Orto

"Expanding Empires in the Early Modern World" covers five empires during the 1450-1750 CE period. It highlights the Gunpowder Empires and how they used gunpowder, cannons, and artillery to conquer areas formerly held by the Byzantine Empire and the Mongol Empire. There are three Gunpowder Empires: the Ottoman Empire, the Safavid Empire and the Mughal Empire. Descriptions of their top leaders and contributions to society are noted in the video. Also, we cover the expansion of both the Russian Empire and the Qing Empire in China. Note the Fall of Constantinople and the voyages of Zheng He. Review chart of all expansionist empires at the presentation's end.

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