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Unit 7

7.0 Unit 7 Overview: 19th-Century Perspectives and Political Developments

1 min readjune 11, 2020


Bretnea Turner

Main Events

1815: Congress of Vienna
1823: Monroe Doctrine 
1850s: Industrial Revolution 🏭
1884-5: Partition of Africa
1894-1906: Dreyfus Affair
1912-3: Balkan Wars


Major Trends Between 1815-1914

  • Failed attempts at international stability through conservatism
    • Congress of Vienna wanted to re-establish authoritarian, conservative governments to avoid revolutions
    • Revolutions led to other revolutions, aka the American Revolution leading to the French Revolution
    • Rise of liberalism and nationalism will ensure the destruction of conservative governments in the 19th century.
  • 19th Century Isms
    • An “ism” is an ideology that is based on political, economic, or social theory
    • Conservatism - maintaining the status quo in Europe- strong, centralized monarchs, 🤴nobility, Church has strong role, no revolutions
    • Liberalism - breaking the status quo in Europe- ⚒️ driven by enlightened ideas of freedom of speech and religion, ability to own property, ability to protest government, economic freedom
    • Nationalism - a strong pride in one’s heritage that includes common history, religion, language, and other cultural elements. Nationalism threatens empires.
  • Imperialism- The Monroe Doctrine forced Europeans to look in the Eastern Hemisphere for their colonization endeavors. They will be joined by the United States and Japan.
    • India- Great Britain
    • Indonesia- Netherlands
    • Indochina- France
    • China- Britain, France, Japan and the United States
    • Africa- Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium
    • Pacific (Alaska and Midway Islands)- United States
    🎥 Watch: AP Europe - Imperialism


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